The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Presents A 2-Day Power Packed International Youth Programme Titled;

‘A Blessed Youth’, is that youth who is connected with God, who has His sterling attributes and a high level of value or excellence. Such youths stands out in every field of endeavour and every sphere of influence. Men always wants to pattern their lives after them. 
Examples abound of Youth with excellent qualities in the Bible- Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. These notable icons in the scripture influenced their generations and left a big legacy behind that even after they are gone, men are still celebrating them. Every youth in our generation is taking after them and wants to be role models to other youths too.
Hello youths out there? What is men’s summary about your life? Is there anything in you that is worth celebrating? Are you struggling to be recognized? Has your true identify or quality been tampered with? Can you be called blessed if God sums up everything about you now? If these described you, I have a good news for you, a news about Somone that will include your name in the list of those youths called blessed, His word will shine on your path and He will tell you what to do. His name is Jesus and He’s ready to partner with you and unleash His excellent qualities on you. 
Come Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of August, 2019, an event that will launch you into the sphere of influence of blessed youths will be holding at the Cooperate Headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria. Come prepared because the Holy Ghost will engage you and speak acceptance into your life.
In this programme, there shall be Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Ghost Baptism, Deliverance, Miracle, Healing and lots more.
Kindly extend this invitation to your families, friends and loved ones.
Time: 8am Daily
Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka
N/B: This programme shall be streamed live on
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The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries presents A 4-Day Int’l Leaders & Workers Conference, 2019 Titled;
Brethren, there is a sound everywhere. The noise is coming from the throne of grace and when we made our findings, a news was sent down to us from heaven and it reads thus; “this is the season of blessings for God’s people”
Wow, that’s sound so fascinating and truly, it is. It is a signed bill already. Come Thursday 15th August through Sunday 18th August, 2019, God Himself shall will His blessings to us. It is that blessings that makes for Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Ghost Baptism, Deliverance, Healing and lots more.
In this great gathering of the Saints, there shall be Untold Revival, impactful teachings. Come empty yourself before the Holy One of Israel. That backsliding state shall be healed, Seasoned and Spotless Armies that will take the gospel to the four corners of the earth shall be raised. Vessels of honour for the kingdom’s business shall be prepared.
Are you a believer in other denomination and you are desiring more of God, come for the Lord God of Chosen has set a table to fill you. It shall be an unforgettable experience.Are you a Pastor, Rev, Bishop or Prophet in other Ministries, come and learn from God’s General. 
Venue: Chosen Int’l Secondary School, Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria.
Time: 8am Daily 
Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Mouka
N/B: The program shall be streamed live on 
Jesus Is Lord
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Pastor Lazarus Muoka Storms Oguta In Imo State of Nigeria. #Oguta2016
The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries train left Napoli in Italy few days ago and is on the move again, this time around, it’s heading to the South-Eastern Region of the country – Imo State precisely for a 2 day Holy Ghost Oriented and Power Packed Crusade with the caption,
The countries of the world the God of this Commission has visited with this theme have always spread the news of His visit around, the news of His visit always reverberate.Oguta and her indigenes are indeed privileged to have her land to be visited by this great God. The God Of this Commission is set to change the status of Oguta indigenes and as many that will grace this great event. 
I don’t know that situation in your life that needs divine attention, have you tried other places and they failed you, may be they have siphoned all your incomes to give you a soothing relief to that age long issues, all to no avail, I’m glad to announce to you that God has stepped in to take over your situation, a dawn of a new era is about to begin in your life. In this program, there shall be Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Ghost Baptism, Healing of all sorts and Deliverance from every demonic possession. 
Are you in Oguta , Imo State in general or any other part of the country, keep a date with Jesus in this program, you must surely testify in Jesus name!
Venue: Priscilla Memorial Secondary School Oguta , Imo State, Nigeria.
Date: Saturday, 20th and Sunday, 21st August, 2016.
Time: 8am Daily 
Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka 
For information and live broadcast visit:Www.thelordschosenworld.Org/