Brother Anthony Idakwo, on the 25th December 2022 innocently boarded a vehicle at Ladipo bus stop going about his duties. A passenger asked him a presumably simple question about the bus fare to which he responded NGN250.

The passenger gave him the exact change as our brother had NGN500. Immediately our brother touched that money, he noticed a strange sensation in his body and he realised that his private part, the testes had disappeared.

Our brother turned to where the passenger sat, just to discover that he had left the vehicle heading to the other side of the road and the vehicle was already on the move.

Anthony Idakwo noticed that the bus passed through Ijesha bus stop and he immediately remembered the great stories he had heard about The Lord’s Chosen Church. This was how our brother came to the Chosen Headquarters during the grand finale of the programme – ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS!

As the General Overseer mounted the pulpit and declared immediate healing during the prayer session, the missing testes which disappeared mysteriously, was IMMEDIATELY RESTORED!

There is truly no impossibility with God. Are you in need of a miracle? Come to the moving train and receive yours immediately.

Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew


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