Before we came here we were hearing many stories that Satan has been in charged and many people have been crying, but now we’re here God of Chosen has arrived Satan has no choice but to run away from this place.


God of chosen has come to take over this land, there’s nothing that Satan or demons can do

Satan your time is over the God of Chosen g has taken over this land Jesus is here

Sit and relax the God of chosen is here he has the power so do not worry ×2Cal: All powers belong to God, Yes Res: All powers belong to God, Yes Cal: All power belong to God of Chosen

Res: All powers belong to God……Ike oh ike nine bu nke ya, al power belongs to God

Power jam power power jam power ×2Zogbue ekwensu naukwu zogbue ekwensu naekpereEkwensu na agahariIkechukwu ka ya ikeJesus power super power, Jesus power super power

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew Delta State #Delta2022#Asaba2022#PstLazarusMuoka

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