Sunday Message: Sanctification And Honour… By Pastor Lazarus Muoka


MINISTERING: General Overseer


Text: Matthew 5:8;  Joshua 3:5;
1 Thessalonians 4:3.

Our Father in heaven is holy; He is perfect in purity. He has no iota of impurity; our God is pure and holy. (Leviticus 20:26, Matthew 5:48).
God is holy, He does not dwell with unholy people (Habakkuk 1:13, Joshua 7:12-13).

Because of sin, the Lord God Almighty withdrew from the children of Israel. God does not pamper sin.

Genesis 1:27-28: God created us in his nature of holiness and purity before the fall of man.
Genesis 3:7-10:
Immediately after the fall of man, when man disobeyed God, he lost the divine nature of holiness.
Man could not stand before God. He was afraid because he has lost the divine nature of holiness (Genesis 3:23-24). God also drove man away to avoid man eating the tree of life, thereby live in the perpetual bondage of sin. (Romans 3:23).
The sin of Adam was transferred to his offsprings (mankind).
Ephesians 2:1-3: Everyone born of man or woman took part in this sinful nature; a depraved nature; a nature that is prone to wickedness and unrighteousness.

Whoever that wants to be a child of God, such person must be Born-again, no matter your religion, (John 3:3-7).
If you must be a child of God, you must be born of the water and of the spirit; meaning that you must be born of God’s word and His spirit. When the spirit of God comes upon you, the adamic nature will be destroyed (1 John 3:8-9).

Salvation gives us the newness of life. However, there is root of sin in man which remains and it must be uprooted or else the root would continue to spring forth over time(unclean thoughts, anger, etc).
Consequently, One stands the risk of going back to sin. This is where the second definite work of grace comes in handy: Sanctification is the second definite work of grace. Sanctification will help to remove the root of sin. You must get sanctification after Salvation.

If you are Born-again, you must be sanctifed. Even if you are sanctified, you need to pray for maintenance, to keep your sanctification active.

We shall consider this message under the following subheadings:
1.The Necessity of Sanctification and Living a Sanctified Life.

  1. The benefits of Sanctification and Danger of Unsanctified life.

God is holy and he created us to be like him in holiness. As a result of the fall of man, he lost the divine nature of God. Hence, everyone born of a man and woman inherits the sinful nature of Adam and Eve. Man began to love and do evil because of the nature of the devil, as a result of the fall of man in the garden of Eden (John 10:10a).  The devil transferred his evil nature to man, and man began to do evil. Hence, it’s compulsory that everyone born of a man and woman must be born again (Romans 1:28).

After the fall of man, man was full of unrighteousness. There was nothing good in man, man started living according to the flesh. However, during salvation, this tree of sinfulness was cut down, but the root remains (1 John 3:8). After salvation, the root that is remaining must be uprooted. We must quickly go for higher experience of sanctification, to have the root of sin or the adamic nature uprooted. So, we must pray through to sanctification. Once you are born again, you must step up higher towards Sanctification (1 Thessalonians 4:3). Every child of God must not stop at Salvation, we must strive for Sanctification.
It is the will of God even our sanctification. You must be sanctified. You must live a life void of any form of unrighteousness (1 Thessalonians 4:4). We must ensure we live our Christain life in purity and power. Once you are sanctified, you must maintain it, you must preserve it, you don’t go about looking at nude pictures, speaking anyhow. If you are sanctifed, anger will be very far from you. You must maintain purity and not maintain anything that is unrighteousness. Such people will live a life void of immoral thoughts, unclean thoughts, envy, hatred, division, self, pride, talkativeness, murmuring, etc. If these things are there and spring up, then you need to cry unto God for mercy. You cannot claim to be holy and have these things in you.

If you are sanctifed, you will not speak evil, do evil and not look at evil. Such person would ensure holiness inside and outside, maintain peace, love , humility, faithfulness, joy, compassion and selflessness. Anyone that’s sanctifed would blossom in purity and righteousness. Such people will be holy and perfect. If you find the opposite of these things in your life, you need to pray to God for sanctification.

Unrighteousness will create a lot of doubts. It will make you to be running this race without assurance. Everyone must be sanctifed.

Let’s go for perfection, don’t stop at salvation; it is not enough (Hebrews 6:1).


The Sanctification experience is the most joyful side of Christian life. Those who are unsanctified are full of uncertainties, lack of assurance, they are full of unrighteousness. Let us go unto perfection (Sanctification), which is the second definite work of Grace.
A sanctifed person will be holy and will never entertain evil thoughts; rather such person would have compassion, mercy, fruitfulness, such person would enjoy the presence of God always. God will answer you and speak to you in dreams or revelations.

If you are sanctifed, God will use you to help others, evangelise and win souls. He will use you and bless you, His presence will never depart from you (Leviticus 20:28).
Hebrews 12:14: whoever that wants to see God and be with God, must maintain peace with all men. This can only be achieved when you are sanctifed (1 Peter 1:15-16).
John 8:29: Sanctification pleases God and it is the will of God. Romans 8:31.

My prayer is that from today onwards, every Chosen would press forward for sanctification. You must press on to be sanctifed, no matter what it would cost you.
(1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 & 7): Therefore let us ask the Lord to sanctify us. A Christian without sanctification is a baby Christian. Sanctification makes for power of God in our lives and heaven at last. (1 Corinthians 3:1).

The danger abounds for the Unsanctified. Such people will be in sin, backslide and miss heaven. If you are a genuine Believer, press on to Sanctification, we must pray through to it. We must not be those who give in to evil, look at evil, envying, formication, etc. You must be restored back to salvation before praying for sanctification.

Every work of the Devil that makes you to be sorrowful shall be destroyed.
As we conclude this message today, make sure you do not give place to the Devil. You must therefore amend your ways and do not return to sin. Sin will hinder you and deny you of your blessings and joy.
For the sinners and Backsliders, they should repent and surrender all to Jesus Christ.
Confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Saviour.
A Sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a Sinner.
1 John 3: 8 & 9;
Are you asking, “what is sin?”
1 John 5: 17a;
All unrighteousness is sin.
Unbelief is sin. Unforgiveness is sin; Selfishness is sin; Covetousness is sin
Lusting after evil things is sin.  Insincerity is sin; backbiting, murmuring, speaking evil of others, these are terrible sin. You need to search your life. Confess them. Repent and promise God, no more.
Are you patronising the native doctors or you are one of them? Are you going for divination and palm reading, all that is terrible wickedness. No child of God does that. If you are into stealing, any form of stealing; stealing from Government, stealing from companies and individuals, that is sin. Amend your ways.
If you are there and you are involved into armed robbery, duping people, do not bring such money to this Church.

If you are among those people that are involved in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, that is terrible wickedness.
Fighting and quarreling, smoking and drunkenness all these are evil. Ask for the mercy of God.

Are you into fighting and quarreling? Are you disobedient to your husband or you are beating your wife, that is sin.
Are you into any kind of killing, poisoning people, hired assassin, ritual killings?Confess that sin and amend your ways. Promise God you will not return to that wickedness.
Are you into extortion? Taking bribe or giving bribe? That is sin. Amend your ways.
Are you into divorce? That is sin.
Matthew 19: 4-6.

Are you into polygamous marriage or you have sent away your wife or you moved away from your husband, that is sin. Marriage is between a man and a woman until death separates you.
Are you a woman dressing like a man or a man dressing like a woman, all that is sin. It is an abomination. Deuteronomy 22: 5. Abominable people can never enter Heaven. Revelations 21: 8.
Are you among those that take snuff, take cigarette and banned substances, that is sin. That is wickedness against your soul and against humanity.

All these people that bleach their body and turn yellow over night, that is sin.
I have not spoken this word to condemn you but to point out what is evil thereby enabling you to amend your ways.
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Proverbs 28: 13;
God is willing to show you mercy and he has made provisions for the sins that are passed.
John 14: 6; John 1: 29; John 10: 10b; Matthew 11: 28; John 1: 12; 2 Corinthians 5: 17
As you give your life to Jesus Christ and begin to live the life of the kingdom of God,  I am assuring you, that power for sanctification shall come upon you and you shall be honoured in this life and in eternity.
Romans 10: 13
Rise up and let us pray.

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