Thursday Message: Let Them Praise The Lord… By Pastor Lazarus Muoka



Text: Psalm 148:14;  Psalm 149:1-9; Psalm 150:1-6.

The Almighty Father is worthy of our praises because he created us for that purpose.

Revelations 4:11. God created all things for his pleasure and as a result, every creature must praise the Lord.

We all must spend time to praise God and worship him at all times, to fulfill the purpose of our creation. (Psalm 135:1-3).

As many of us that are children of God and born again, we should spend time to praise God. If we praise God, God will be delighted in us (Psalm 106:1).
We must give thanks, praise the most high God and fear him (Psalm 112:1).
We must give him praises , because he created us for that purpose. We should thank him for creating us, every now and then.

We shall consider this message under the following sub headings:


God created us for his pleasures and for his pleasures we are all created. All creation were created for his pleasures and we are all bound to praise him and give him pleasure. If we praise God always, then we are fulfilling the purpose for which we were created. Our relationship with God should not be anchored only on what God will give us, rather we should praise God, appreciate him for his goodness and mercies upon our lives and remembering also that we were created for this purpose (Revelations 4:11).

He created us for pleasures and if that be the case, let us spend time to praise and worship him always.

We all should know that as our cars, radios, televisions, etc. are giving us pleasure and serving us; that is how we are before God. Consequently anytime the vehicle or that dependable appliance breaks down or requires servicing, we give them the necessary attention so that these things can continue to serve us.
In like manner, God created us to serve him always.

As we do God’s pleasure in praising him always, then God almighty will be happy with us. If you worship and praise God, God will heal you, God will renew your youth, God will give you oil of gladness.

Whenever you are in God’s presence, you should not be in a hurry to leave. Spending time in God’s presence should be a form of service to God.

You see this year, dominion, favour, blessings and miracles will follow you. All the laws we have passed shall come to pass in our lives. You see this year, God is looking for Chosen people to bless.

Psalm 148:1-14.
All creations are commanded to praise the Lord. Hence, we must praise God always (Psalm 149:1-6).

Everything existing are the handwork of God and they must all praise him.

Psalm 150:1-6. We must keep to this Instruction and follow the footsteps of those that praised him in times past.

Examples abound of those who praised God in their time:

*. Exodus 15:1- 11 (Moses and the Isrealites): Moses and his people praised the Lord for his victory over Pharaoh

*. 2 Chronicles 20:19- 23 (Jehoshaphat and Isrealites): By reason of the praises rendered by the Levites, God came down and destroyed the enemies of Israel.

By praising God this year, heaven’s doors will be opened for you. Amen. God will send His angels with drawn swords to fight for you.

Spend time praising the most high God, He will maintain you, He will fight for you.

Acts 16:23- 26(Paul and Silas):
Whenever you praise God and God comes down to inhabit the praises, all your enemies putting you in prison will be in trouble. God will discomfit them and destroy them. As we go on to praise God today, He will scatter anywhere the enemies are gathered and disturbing the people of God.

If you want to experience great revival in this End-time, let us praise the Lord. As we go on praising the Lord, you will see the power of God come down.

As we praise the lord, we will experience breakthroughs, miracles, signs and wonders. As you praise the Lord always, the laws passed during the last program will come to pass in your life.


Whoever wants to make progress in his or her life should start to praise God always. When we praise God, he will take pleasure in us and as the Lord takes pleasure in us, he will bless us (Psalm 67:3-6).

You see this this year; you shall be blessed. As we praise God this year, God will bless us. This is the year people shall talk of our blessings, this is the year people will celebrate you, and if this thing must happen, let the people praise the Lord. Amen.

And as we praise God, He will bless us on every front.

You have been asking for something, and you have been struggling, from today change your approach, take time to praise God. If you begin to praise God, his hands shall come upon you. Deliverance shall come upon many homes. If only we can praise the Lord!!!.

Psalm 67:7
What the Lord shall do in your lives shall bring fear upon the people.

Praises open doors and unusual miracles.
It brings intervention from above, deliverance from heaven and God’s mighty hands will move upon you. What happened to the enemies of Jehoshaphat shall happen to your enemies. Those enemies after your life, health, marriage and career, God will put confusion in their midst, and then your enemies will kill themselves. Amen.

After this message, you will hear the good news.

You see you, all those that are saying come and pass let me see, God will blind their eyes.

In any situation you find yourself, praise him. If you are surrounded by the enemies, if you have low sales or in troubles, praise God.

As we conclude this message today, it is important that you understand that a life of praise unto God is the life surrendered to Jesus Christ.
You cannot be a sinner and yet be praising God. Sin will hinder you and deny you of your blessings.
For the sinners and Backsliders, they should repent and surrender all to Jesus Christ.
Confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Saviour.
A Sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a Sinner.
1 John 3: 8 & 9;
Are you asking, “what is sin?”
1 John 5: 17a;
All unrighteousness is sin.
Unbelief is sin. Selfishness is sin; Covetousness is sin, Insincerity is sin; backbiting, murmuring, speaking evil of others, these are terrible sin.
Are you patronising the native doctors or you are one of them? Are you going for divination and palm reading, all that is terrible wickedness. No child of God does that. If you are into stealing, any form of stealing; stealing from Government, stealing from companies and individuals, that is sin. Amend your ways.
If you are there and you are involved into armed robbery, duping people, do not bring such money to this Church.

If you are among those people that are involved in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, that is terrible wickedness.
Fighting and quarreling, smoking and drunkenness all these are evil. Ask for the mercy of God.

Are you into fighting and quarreling? Are you disobedient to your husband or you are beating your wife, that is sin.
Are you into any kind of killing, poisoning people, hired assassin, ritual killings?Confess that sin and amend your ways. Promise God you will not return to that wickedness.
Are you into extortion? Taking bribe or giving bribe? That is sin. Amend your ways.
Are you into divorce? That is sin.
Matthew 19: 4-6.

Are you into polygamous marriage or you have sent away your wife or you moved away from your husband, that is sin. Marriage is between a man and a woman until death separates you.
Are you a woman dressing like a man or a man dressing like a woman, all that is sin. It is an abomination. Deuteronomy 22: 5. Abominable people can never enter Heaven. Revelations 21: 8.
Are you among those that take snuff, take cigarette and banned substances, that is sin. That is wickedness against your soul and against humanity.

All these people that bleach their body and turn yellow over night, that is sin.
I have not spoken this word to condemn you but to point out what is evil thereby enabling you to amend your ways.
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Proverbs 28: 13;
God is willing to show you mercy and he has made provisions for the sins that are passed.
John 14: 6; John 1: 29; John 10: 10b; Matthew 11: 28; John 1: 12; 2 Corinthians 5: 17
As you give your life to Jesus Christ and continue daily to praise the name of the Lord our God,  I am assuring you, that no enemy shall prevail against you.
Romans 10: 13
Stand up and let us call upon the Lord in praises.

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