There were showers of blessings and dews from Heaven came down in its entirety immediately the man of God, our big Daddy, Pastor Lazarus Muoka mounted the podium to speak to the attendees of this year’s version of the annual program of this great commission.
Just as it happened in the days of Abraham, Moses, David and Jacob; so also was it experienced in the mountain tops (Mgbidi 2022 Lagos Experience Day-1); power as of old came down raw and many who were held captives were set free and healed of their ailments.
These are some of the striking instant miracles of the program confirming that what God himself has determined shall be done;

  1. 14 years deaf and dumb healed instantly.
  2. 9months inability to work healed instantly
  3. 26years born deaf and dumb healed instantly.
  4. 1years spinal Cord injury instantly healed after using waist pad for a whole year without getting positive response.
  5. 5months total paralysis healed instantly.
  6. 13years deaf and dumb healed instantly
  7. 40years arthritis healed instantly.
  8. 3years paralysis healed instantly
  9. 46years born deaf and dumb healed instantly.
  10. 3weeks complete paralysis healed instantly.
  11. Husband and wife healed of 8months stroke.
  12. 4yrs arthritis and kidney failure
  13. 3years malaria afflictions that made her mad instantly.
  14. 6years Spinal cord injury instantly healed.
  15. 17years deaf and dumb healed instantly
  16. 1year waist pain due to accident incident
  17. 3months paralysis healed instantly.
  18. 3years broken bone healed.
  19. 3yrs broken bone instantly healed.
  20. 3yrs partial stroke healed instantly.
  21. 3yrs paralysis healed instantly.
  22. 4months paralysis healed instantly.
  23. 15years arthritis healed instantly.
  24. 6years stroke healed instantly.
  25. 2years leg poison healed instantly.
  26. 1yr paralysis healed instantly.
  27. 1year ulcer healed instantly.
  28. 12yrs stroke healed instantly.
  29. 5months broken bone instantly joined together.
  30. 15years stroke healed instantly.
  31. 14years born deaf and dumb healed instantly.
  32. 4years partial blindness healed instantly.
  33. 4months stroke instantly healed
  34. 3years knees pain healed instantly.
  35. 20years leg pains healed
  36. 4months stroke
  37. 2years arthritis healed instantly
  38. 7years stroke healed instantly
  39. 11months stroke healed instantly
  40. 5months partial stroke healed instantly.
  41. 2years knee pains healed instantly.
  42. 12years waist pain healed instantly.
  43. 9years paralysis healed instantly.
  44. 20years paralysis healed instantly.
  45. 2years stroke healed instantly.
  46. 4years broken bone instantly healed
  47. 2years insanity healed instantly.
  48. 2years stroke healed instantly.
  49. 8months spinal cord injury and brain tumor complications/lost memory instantly healed and restored.
  50. 38years born deaf and dumb healed instantly.
  51. 45year hernia instantly healed.

Wow! These were just the ones that got our attention at the Day-1 of this superfluous program; we couldn’t furnish you with the complete wonders of God but we will bring many of them to you during our tomorrow’s update and testimonies session.
Keep following this program wherever you’re in the world and be assured that what God has determined shall be done again and again.
Click on this link to watch and be blessed with assurances of faith from this mountain tops;
Jesus is Lord!
Photo Credit: Online Media Crew.

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