Luke 1:37 For with God nothing is impossible.

God has constantly been protecting, healing and blessing His children. He raises the dead to life. He is the greatest Physician, the greatest Healer and there is nothing impossible for Him to do.

Our Sister Dorcas Afolayan is one of the numerous beneficiaries of God’s healing and restorative power. She was ecstatic as she testified about how God brought her back to life after she was afflicted with an unknown sickness since 2016. She had visited several hospitals but the treatments were unsuccessful. In fact, after being discharged from the last hospital, her body system started deteriorating rapidly to the point where she passed away.

However, the God of Chosen who is constantly available to deliver His children sent His multitude of Angels to rescue her spirit which had already left her body. They carried her in the palm of their hands to the Church where they ministered healing to her. Afterwards, they put her spirit back into her body and she returned to life!

From then till now, the unknown sickness has never returned.

She also testified about how God disappointed the plans of the enemies in her life and granted her heart desire to have a male child. She explained that when her second child was about 4 months old she had dreamt of a woman who told her that she would not have children again. As of then, our sister was not a chosen but she had been watching our programmes on the television. So, she prayed to the God of Chosen to prove that woman wrong and bless her with a male child whom she would submit to God to become a Pastor in Chosen. She asked God that even if she got pregnant for a female child that she knew He will change the child to a boy before delivery.

According to her request, she conceived. However,
when her pregnancy was 7 months, the scan result confirmed that she was carrying a baby girl. Nevertheless, according to her request, she delivered a bouncing baby boy!!!

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media


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