God, the one who takes away our infirmities is ever present in Chosen to heal and deliver. Indeed, our God cannot be boxed in the way He decides to dish out miracles in the Lord’s Chosen. Sis Chikamso visited the Chosen for the first time on Sunday, 10th October and already has a testimony to her name! How amazing can that be?

Visibly excited, she mounted the testimony podium to share with the congregation the great visitation she received from the Lord.

It all happened last week Thursday (October 7th, 2021) when she suddenly fell ill. Her ordeal began with stomach ache that was assumed a minor case. She complained to her husband who went ahead to purchase some drugs for her from a nearby pharmacy. She took the drugs and felt a bit relieved, but this relief lasted a very short time. The illness progressed to headache, then to neck pain. It seemed like a severe progression in symptoms as she also started feeling her eyelids closing up.

This was the height of it as this new symptom deteriorated into complete blindness, all in one day. Her family members around thought she was joking when she told them she couldn’t see anymore. Panic set in and the whole family was thrown into confusion. In no time, news had spread and other family members had come around, each person proffering solution to the sudden blindness.

She recalls that a Chosen sister (Sis Grace, standing beside her) came around the house when she heard what happened. Sis Grace asked the family to allow her to pray for our Sister, but they declined. Rather, her aunt took her to a native doctor in search of solution. There at the native doctor’s place, he used some water to wash her face and kept using a fowl to touch her eyes while making some incantations. After all the drama, nothing happened and our sister requested that she be taken back to their house.

Eventually, she was taken back to her sister’s place. Again, the Chosen sister came visiting. This time, the family consented to taking her to a nearby Chosen church where prayers were made for her. Worthy to note that by this time, she could no longer walk with her two legs, could not speak and had body pains all over. The branch Pastor was invited and more prayer was made alongside other church members that were around that day.

According to her, in the course of the prayers, the Pastor gave a word of declaration that before 3am that day, she would open her eyes. At the end of the prayers, she stood up! That marked the first miracle. Everyone began to rejoice.

When the time approached, the Pastor asked her to open her eyes. She attempted to, but couldn’t. He then commanded the spirit behind the blindness to leave her immediately. Behold, her eyes opened and she could see every one right there in the church.

From that day till now, she has remained in perfect health with her eyes and legs fully functional.

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Praise the Lord!

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