Jeremiah 32:27 “Is there anthing too hard for me to do”?

Indeed without doubt the God we serve has proven and kept on proving that he is the Almighty God.

Sister Ginika Nwachukwu got married  and like every other newly married lady expected to conceive and bear children.  However, it didn’t happen that way.

When the delay became quite unbearing, they (our sister and her husband) decided to seek medical help. Then, it was discovered that she had Staphlococcal infection.  Treatment began.

All this time, she kept hope alive that her moment of visitation would come and God would bless her with the fruit of the womb.

She went ahead to make special requests of the number of children she wanted to have.

One night in her sleep, she had an encounter with the angel of our G.O and he said to her that she will have as many children as she wanted but that she should do away with anger. When she woke up, she repented of anger and that marked the beginning of her miracle.

The terrible situation that seemed unchangeable  was given a technical knockout and God did to her as she had asked by blessing her with four boys and one girl.

Now our sister is now a proud mother of five children and those that mocked her due to delay in conception are now rejoicing with her.

Indeed there is nothing too hard for our God to do and He answers  prayers!

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