Edo 2021: Miracles And Healings Showered On The Congregation At The Grand Finale


The grand finale of the Edo crusade lived upto it’s expectations. The heavens was opened and great things happened in the congregation, after the pastor’s prayer .

Healing and deliverances overwhelmed the people and many that were sick was made whole.

Below are some of the instant miracles;

(1)• 4months broken bone, joined together.

(2) •27years deaf and dumb from birth, instantly healed.

(3) •25years deaf and dumb from birth instantly Healed.

(4) •38years deaf and dumb from birth, instantly healed.

(5)•1year and 8months poison, Instantly Knocked Out.

(6) •18years deaf and dumb, instantly healed.

(7) •10years deaf and dumb from birth, instantly Healed.

(8) •12years crippled, instantly delivered.

(9) •26years deaf and dumb, instantly healed.

(10) •5years stroke, instantly healed.

(11) •8months Kidney Infection ,healed .

(12) •3years broken bone, joined together.

(13) •3months partial stroke, insanity Healed.

(14) •4years memory loss, instantly restored.

(15) •9years partial blindness and leg poison, instantly healed.

(16) •2years broken bone, joined together.

(17) •6years arthritis instantly healed.

(18) •1year 6months paralysis instantly healed.

(19) •3years arthritis instantly healed.

(20) •2 months broken bone, joined together.

(21) •11 months stroke, instantly healed.

(22) •4 days paralysis, instantly healed.

(23) •1year chronic waist pain instantly knocked away.

(24)•10 years paralysis instantly healed.

(25) •7 years stroke, instantly healed.

(26) •3 months leg poison, instantly healed.

(27) •3 years partial stroke instantly healed.

(28) •2 months leg pain Instantly healed.

(29) •3 years and general body pains Instantly delivered.

(30) •1 years leg injury Instantly healed.

(31) •3 months partial stroke instantly Healed.

(32) •1 years 3 months stroke instantly healed.

(33) •9 months waist pain, instantly healed.

(34) •2 years short eye sightedness, instantly healed.

(35)•8 years violent madness, instantly healed.

We are very certain that it won’t end here. This God who has done this will do more in our lives, in Jesus name.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew.

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