Instant Miracles / Healings Hit the people at Day 1 of Edo Crusade


The people of Edo state and others, came to confirm, if truly– God has sworn to bless them, and our God didn’t disappoint. He proved to them that He’s the“ Truth and the Life.”   And that no one has an encounter with Him and remain the same.

Below are some of the people that was touched, after our general pastor’s prayer:

(1)  •26 years deaf and dumb, instantly healed.

(2) •5years partial deafness, instantly healed.

(3) •6years blindness from birth, Instantly received her Sight.

(4) •1 month madness, rolled away.

(5) •28years deaf and dumb from birth, Instantly healed.

(6) •15 years spinal cord injury, instantly healed.

(7) •3years, 5 months partial stroke, now healed.

(8) •1 week leg poison, healed Instantly.

(9) •5years partial stroke, now healed.

(10) •5years chronic kidney illness resulting to inability to walk instantly healed, now she can walk.

(11) •6years waist and knee pain, instantly healed

(12) •2 months body pain, instantly healed.

(13) •10years poison knocked away.

(14) •1year stroke, Instantly healed.

(15) •5years waist and leg pain, healed.

(16) •10years leg pain, Instantly healed.

(17) •6years breast cancer, instantly healed.

(18) •2years leg pain, healed Instantly.

(19) •1year 6 month partial stroke, rolled Away.

(20) •2months broken bone, Joined together.

(21) •6months stroke rolled away.

(22) •9years chronic waist pain ,gone.

(23) •2years and 6months Stroke, instantly healed.

(24) •3years stroke, instantly healed.

(25) •6months chronic inflammation and pain of leg and waist, instantly healed.

(26) •12 years stroke, instantly healed.

(27) •Inability to Stand and walk as a result of stroke, Instantly healed.

(28) •6Years broken bone joined together.

(29) •1year leg injury, rolled away.

(30) •5months waist pain, Instantly healed.

(31) •6months chronic arthritis, instantly healed.

(32) •4years partial stroke, rolled away.

(33) •8years waist pain and leg pain, healed.

(34) •1year waist and leg pain , healed.

(35) •3years inability to walk, now healed.

(36) •1year 3months partial stroke, healed.

(37) •3years spinal cord injury instantly healed.

(38) •3years inability to sit and stand ,healed.

(39) •10months broken bone joined together.

(40) •1year 6months stroke, instantly healed.

(41) •4years stroke, healed instantly.

(42) •4weeks partial paralysis, knocked away.

(43) •4months broken bone as a result of accident joined together.

(44) •11months blindness knocked out.

(45) •16years broken bone, Joined together.

(46) •4years Inability to walk, since birth, Instantly healed.

(47) •3years partial blindness healed.

(48) •10years partial stroke, instantly healed.

(49) •5years chronic waist pain Instantly, knocked out.

(50) •Over 10years moving object, rolled away.

(51) •8years partial paralysis Instantly healed and swollen legs instantly deflected.

(52) •3years partial stroke, Instantly healed.

(53) •1year partial stroke, instantly rolled away.

(54) •20years deaf and dumb from birth Instantly healed.

(55) •19years deaf and dumb from birth Instantly healed.

(56) •20years deaf and dumb from birth, instantly healed.

(57) •2months insanity, instantly knocked out.

(58) •2years madness rolled away.

The good news is today is just the first day, tomorrow will be even greater.

As you come with your friends and family, you shall be the next to testify in Jesus name.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew

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