Shocking Testimony: Kidnapped But God Used Him To Save 8 Others In The Kidnappers Den


Brother collins John who Joined The Lord’s Chosen in the year 2005 is thanking God for making him a Chosen. He started his testimony by narrating to the congregation how God called him to service and also used him to reconcile the marriage of his in-law’s son who resides in the United States.

He also testified that he prayed to God requesting a car that will assist him in the ministry as it was difficult for him to attend service whenever it rained. He promised to give a living thing as thanksgiving offering unto God if He do this for him. The God who answers prayer answered him and used his inlaw to send him a powerful jeep instead.

He said one of the days he was driving with his wife and son when suddenly 2 vehicles drove close to them, one overtook him and blocked him in the front while the other blocked him at the back. The men ordered them to come down and they requested his keys but he told them ‘He is a Chosen’… They got furious and brought out their guns and started shooting sporadically. One pointed the gun at his son and told him ‘if you don’t give us your keys now, I will waste your son’ that was when he surrendered his keys. They took his vehicle and ordered him to enter and lay on the floor. According to him, for about an hour an half the men kept driving. Finally they got to their destination and asked him to come down, it was a bush and that was when he knew he was in the kidnappers den. They collected the little money in his pocket (N10, 000).

He made a short silent prayers telling God to turn the heart of this men that they will do what they are not supposed to do by letting him go. One of them was talking to the other giving instructions of wasting someone. After that prayer, one of the men came to him and told him ‘we are going to use your car to carry something’. They went inside the small room which was inside the bush, they brought out 8 other men whom they have kidnapped for many days and drained them all financially including all the money in their account,some of them even have to call their wife and relatives to make transfers to the kidnappers. They put them all inside the jeep and drove off.

After driving for about two hours, one of them said ‘The owner of this car, we don’t have anything to do with you, we don’t want you, we don’t want your car, we are going to stop this car now, take your car and carry this people, they are all going to different destinations.

They packed and asked him to come and take his jeep, they left the key on the ignition and zoomed off. He came out and woke the other people up, they asked him ‘do you ask us to wake up?’ he told them ‘yes’. They asked him ‘who are you?’ he told them ‘I am a pastor in the Lord’s Chosen, I was also kidnapped but now you are all free’… The men got relieved and one of them told him ‘I promised God that if He did not allow this people to waste me, I will serve Him forever’… That was how God delivered our brother and 8 others from kidnappers den, may the name of the Lord be praised forever in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State

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