Harvest Of Miracles And Healings Overflow In Taraba Day 2 Crusade


Anytime we gather in His presence, His wonders multiplies and yokes of various degrees breaks. The grand finale of this GREAT CRUSADE witnessed this, as many who were ridden with sorrows and who were impaired in their health were liberated.
God’s healing hands touched them and they were made whole. Taraba people have never seen it in this fashion.
They praised the only good God who alone made this possible.

Below are the Beneficiaries of God’s Touch at Taraba State;

1. 21 years born cripple walked instantly.

2. 10 years born cripple walked instantly.

3. 4 years paralysis healed.

4. 25 years madness rolled away.

5. 15 years blindness healed.

6. 1 year dislocation as a result of accident healed.

7. 23 years deaf and dumb spoke.

8. 11years paralysis rolled away.

9. 34 years inability to Walk instantly healed

10. 8 years deaf and dumb healed.

11. 4 years partial blindness rolled away.

12. 3 years blindness healed.

13. 6 years inability to use left hand(paralysis) rolled away.

14. 16 years born deaf and dumb healed.

15. 1year paralysis rolled away.

16. 6 years stroke healed.

17. Broken bones joined together.

18. 2 yeears leg pain healed.

19. 15 years stroke rolled away.

20. 3 years hypertension rolled away.

21. 1years leg and waist pain healed.

22. 1years eye pain healed.

23. 1years waist pain healed.

24. 1years paralysis rolled away.

25. 11years dislocation of the leg rolled away.

26. 13 years moving object knocked out.

27. Kidney failure and swelling of body healed.

28. 19 years born deaf and dumb instantly healed.

29. 6 years stiff hands straightened.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, Taraba State.


Jesus is Lord

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