Youth message: The Negative And Positive Use Of Social Media… By Pastor Ifeanyi Ibekwe

Youth Programme Message By Pastor Ifeanyi Ibekwe

Topic: The Negative And Positive Use Of Social Media

Text: Rom 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17; 1 John 2:15-18.

Social media according to Wikipedia are interactive technologies that allow the creation of sharing/exchange of information, ideas, career interest, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.
The invention of social media has been considered as one of the strongest mediums of communication in the 21st century which has consistently help connect people from far and near.

The world has become a small place with the use of social media because of its strong waves of connecting people like the speed of light. Like every other thing has its positive and negative uses, so is the community called Social media.

This community can either be a blessing and great platform for you or a cause and destruction to your destiny as a result of how you make use of it.

We shall consider the following points to further understand this message.


It is proven scientifically that man is a social being in nature and can never do without communicating, socializing, and interacting with his environment. The invention of social media came to prove this point true.
The coming of social media has helped;

• Improved communication
• Give access to the spread of Christianity and wonders of God especially in the Lord’s Chosen Ministry
• Encourage online learning
• Enhance Academic performance
• Enhance creative elements, for example, learning things from YouTube and practicing them to birth creativity
• Job and career opportunities
• Scholarship opportunities
• Sharing information, and preaching the Gospel to thousands and millions of people
• Increased visibility in business and brand awareness
• Connect family and friends in respective of the distance etc
• To some people, social media is their office and ATM. To some, it is a learning center and networking with great minds that will influence them positively.

2: The Negative Use, Effects, And Our Responses:

It is said that when the purpose of a thing is not well understood, abuse is inevitable.
As we see the positive uses and sides of social media, we shouldn’t forget that the negative uses also exist.

The damage social media has caused in the lives of many youths is numerous.
People who frequently use online social networking are prone to social isolation which can lead to depression and decreased social skills.

As Christians and chosen youths, we are warned to be wise, hold the things of this world with a lighter hand, and convert them to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives and the kingdom.

  • Some of the negative uses of social media are;

• Cyberbullying
• Social Isolation
• Identity theft
• Pornography and immorality (Immoral chatting and talks)
• Causes distraction and loss of focus
• Reduces learning and research capability
• Health issues
• Wrong associations and networks, etc.
• Addiction to social media has caused lots of damages to the lives of the youths in the contemporary. Some youths even use social media during service or message time and losing focus of God’s information for their lives.

Our response to this message should be to change from being addicted to social media, using it in the wrong ways, and start adding value to our lives by converting social media to our benefit.
We should be different in that world called social media, we should endure to be a light and a salt that people look up to on social media.
We should be among those using social media to propagate the gospel of truth and wonders in the Lord’s Chosen.

Social media shouldn’t control our lives but the truth of the word of God. It is good to socialize, communicate with friends and families but do not be carried away.
Let the word of God guide you always.
Use social media to find jobs, scholarships, business opportunities, monetization schemes, volunteer services, courses, sell and advertise yourself and your skills, etc.

Above all, do all things with fear and trembling before the Lord. God sees all you do and all your chats. He will bring everything to judgment on the last day. Ecclesiastes 12:13,14

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