Youth 2nd Message: You Are Unstoppable… Bro Bassey

Youth Programme 2021, 2nd Message
By Bro Bassey

Topic: You Are Unstoppable

Text: Jeremiah 1:4-7, Mark 9:23; Acts 16:19-26; Hebrews 11: 16; 32-38.

The word unstoppable could mean different things in different scenarios but it can be described as a state of not being deterred, relentless, a show of resilience and doggedness, an attribute of tenacity often times we as youths are faced with challenges that tends to overwhelm us, hold us back or cut short what we have been destined and designed for.
Life itself is filled with events that can force stop our becoming. But God is saying to you today that no matter what life has thrown at you. You are unstoppable! No matter the patterns discovered in your lineage, the state of the economy or the limitations you see in your life, there is a verdict coming from heaven to you today. You are unstoppable!

Some Points to Consider:


Joshua 5:1, Psalm 18:29, Isaiah 57:14, 2 Corinthians 10:5, 2 Timothy 1:7, I John 5:4.

What are Barriers and limitation: they are restrictions upon your life, they are weaknesses the devil uses to stop you, it is lack of capacity, an handicap that keeps you below reach, it is a principle principality that frustrates your attempts towards advancement, it is anything that does not allow you to go beyond your current level, it is a satanic check and constraint upon a life, its anything that devalues you, continues you to a particular position, an ancestral never tag placed upon you, a demonic siege upon your destiny If you carefully examine your life; you will find something or a reality attempting to frustrate the full manifestation of God’s glory in your life, check and you will discover that your divine ordination and mandate is under attack by the forces of hell & patterns of your bloodline…
But in this program today, the God of Chosen will break that barrier in your life in Jesus name.
Let’s consider a few barriers/limitation you will need to confront in this program to become unstoppable:

• Sin (Deuteronomy 11:26-28, Romans 6:23)
• Faulty Foundation/Bloodline Patterns (T Chronicles 4:9; Psalm 11:3)
• Fear (Numbers 13: 31-33)
• Ignorance (Hosea 4:1)
• Negative Character/Habits cg Arrogance, Pride, Slothtulness etc ( 1 Samuel 2:3; Proverb 6: 6 -11)

The bible abound with so many youth people that soared above their limitations, they refuse to be edged in by the status-quo, overcame their handicaps and remained resolute in face of all kinds of opposition and advanced despite the odds.
• Joseph
• Jabez
• Gideon
• Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego
• Ruth & Esther


God from the beginning built into men (human) a system that empowers men to function like God upon the earth.
An understanding of this underlying principle/system in God will position you for a limitless and an unstoppable life. (Genesis 1:26-28, Numbers 13:26-30, Psalm 91:13, Joel 2:7, Matthew 19:26, Romans 8:19-21, 2Peter 1:3)

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