Youth 1st Message: Salvation ,The Sureway To Glory; Repent Now… By Pastor Joshua Muoka

Youth Programme 2021, 1st Message

Topic: Salvation ,The Sureway To Glory; Repent Now… By Pastor Joshua Muoka

Text: Matthew 6:33; John 3:3-5; John 14:6

The entire universe has been characterized with technological advancement and the quest for digitalization is evolving massively. This have made the desire many youths have for success to increase rapidly thus, depending more on their ability and technical knowhow for productivity rather than follow the principles which God has designed for mankind Pro 3:5-7.

Just like every journey, it is important for every youth to have a fore-knowledge of the right route or path so as to arrive at the desired destination. Embarking on a journey without a prior knowledge of the correct route will lead such a youth to the wrong destination Pro.14:12.

For better understanding of the message, we shall consider the following sub-headings.

    JOHN 15:4-5; JOHN 14:6 It is highly commendable for a youth to be ambitious, creative, enthusiastic, clever and desire the presence of GOD.
    However, in a quest to become industrious, ingenious or successful, many youth have taken the fast but disastrous route of sin. These youths neglect the divinely ordained route of salvation, holiness, purity and righteousness and are engaging in vices such as prostitution, gambling, and cybercrime for the singular purpose of meeting up with the ever rising demands of the society we live in Pro.15:16.
    Such youth should be aware that they are treading the wrong path that leads to disaster and destruction John 8:12.
    The only sure way to true creativity, wisdom, ability and glory is the way of salvation through Jesus Christ.
    He is the embodiment of wisdom and truth and no one can amount to anything in the kingdom or receive anything from God without first seeking God’s righteousness through Jesus Matt.6:33; John 15:4-5; Matt.11:28.

The reason for this message is that for you to experience the glory of God, you have to repent, confess and renounce your sins so that you will become a member of God’s family before you can enjoy the benefit therein. As you make up your mind to repent and make amendment you shall experience the glory of God in Jesus name

    (JOHN 15:5-6). It is clear that the sure way to glory is salvation through Jesus.
    The question now is: Are you saved?
    Is your name written in the Lamb’s book of life? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
    Are you on the path which although is narrow but leads to life and peace? Matt.7:13-14.

Every youth present here should respond to this message by surrendering totally to Jesus Christ and forsaking all sinful lifestyles. Refuse to walk on the path of folly and destruction. Refuse any trap and seduction that will come on the way.
Shun the quest for vain influence, attention and riches at the expense of your soul Mk.8:36.
Your journey into God’s glory begins with salvation through repentance.

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