Bro Kenneth Okonkwo is a symbol of a man whom God has blessed in all things . He joined this ministry as a pauper, but today, he that once begged for bread, has become a bread giver.

Financially, he is sound – and God has blessed him with a wonderful family.

But, one thing is certain; when the children of God rejoices, Satan frowns. For this reason, he constantly throws spanner in the works of many believers, that they may be ruined and have their faith shaken like the biblical Job. But the Bible says, “those that knows their God, shall be strong and shall do exploit” ( Daniel 11.32).

Ken’s wife was pregnant with their last child, and when she delivered the baby after so much stress and complications, the baby died. It was a tragedy for the family!

They placed oxygen on the dead child and did everything to bring him back to life, but all their efforts were futile.

The doctor gave up, and called our brother to try somewhere else as this situation is beyond him. When they got to the next hospital, they were also rejected and referred to another hospital.

Just before they exited the gate of the hospital, a call came to his phone– it was our general pastor’s wife. He told bro Kenneth ” our daddy wants to pray”.

While praying, our daddy cancelled death, and commanded the baby to live. That statement alone, was enough to settle the matter.

At the shout of “amen” the dead baby, cried, and the discolored skin of the dead boy instantaneously changed back to normal.

Bro Kenneth Immediately called the doctor and the doctor told him that he believes in miracle, but will surely perform his duties as a professional, and must check the baby to be sure he is fine. Unfortunately, checking the baby would cost half a million naira and our brother refused to pay it , because whoever the son has set free, is free indeed (John:8:36).

They left for another hospital and when the test was eventually carried out, without costing our brother an arm and a leg, it was confirmed the baby was super fine.

Only God can do this .

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