Devotional Guide: BLESS THE LORD, O MY SOUL

The Lord’s Chosen Devotional Guide

Date: Wednesday 1st September 2021

Text: 2 Psalm 92:1-5


Memory Verse: “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” (Psalm 103:1-2)

The most important thing today is that we are alive. To bless the Lord is to exalt Him and extol all His virtues. The Lord has been so magnanimous and benevolent upon us as His children. We have benefitted immensely from His grace and mercy. The Psalmist will always be remembered for his penchant to declare the goodness and the marvelous works of God upon his life. In our memory verse for today, he found time to bless the name of the Lord amidst vows never to forget all His benefits. Of course, these benefits are so numerous to be counted.

However, among the benefits he reckoned that God had done in his life include:

(1) Forgiveness of his sins.

(2) Healing of his diseases and infirmities.

(3) Redemption from destruction.

(4) Show of lovingkindness and tender mercies.

(5) Provision of good things of life.

(6) Executes judgment against his oppressors.

(7) Revealing His mind to His people.

(8) Plenteous mercy.

(9) Grace.

(10) Slow to anger and many others.

These are just a few of what the Lord did for him and he had to show appreciation by blessing the name of the Lord; pouring adoration and encomium unto Him.
If we try to draw a comparison between what God has done for us today and what He did for the Psalmist and the people of old, we discover that the Lord has done so much more for us. We have the added grace that Jesus Christ came to die even for our mistakes. For Christ’s sake, God never dealt with us after our sins neither have He rewarded us according to our iniquities.

The Lord had dealt wondrously with us. It is not as if we deserve what He has done, but His mercies had enabled it. In the face of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus, He kept us safe. In the face of terrorism, insurgency, banditry, armed robbery, ritual killing, kidnapping, inflation, etc, God had stood on our side and never allowed us to be consumed by the inferno of death and destruction.

If we are, to be honest with ourselves, it will not be out of place to follow the example of the Psalmist and also bless the name of the Lord. All you need to do is to cast your back a little to at least the period of the coronavirus pandemic and now the unrest, anarchy, and destruction that had followed suit. Yet, the Lord has defended you and your family and no evil has befallen you. Even our prayer to avert a war situation has received heaven’s endorsement. As grateful children of God, let us bless the name of the Lord.

Worship/praise God and then take the following prayer points:

  1. Lord, I bless your name today for your goodness, mercy, loving-kindness in Jesus’ name.
  2. Thank you for healing all my diseases and infirmities and giving me sound health in Jesus’ name.
  3. Thank you for your divine protection over the life of our G. O, Mommy in the Lord, their children, and the entire family in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father, as we enter a new month, we ask that your watchful eyes will be upon all the chosen people and your hand of power envelope us in Jesus’ name.
  5. We pray and cancel any war or crisis in our nation in Jesus’ name.

Authored By Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

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