Accused Falsely Of Child Trafficking But God Vindicated Her.


Sister Kelechi Chibueze is here to glorify the name of the Lord who said that shame will not be upon her.

Her testimony, she said one of the days she was going for a school run with her children and she saw a little boy crying helplessly. She felt for him and called him to know what the problem was. He told her that his guidance are maltreating him adding that he has not eaten since morning. The little boy request her to please go and tell her guidance that he wants to return back to his parents. She told him that she cannot do that seeing that he is old enough to speak for himself (14 years old). She asked him where he’s going to school now and he said ‘Amakohia school’. The boy was trekking down along the road by that time and she asked him to join their taxi and she paid his transport fare.

In the afternoon of same day when she was returning from school run with her children, she saw the same boy with group of boys trekking home, he saw her and happily waved her (as someone who paid his transport fare in the morning). She called him back and asked him ‘are you still trekking home?’ he said ‘yes’ then she asked him to join them in the taxi they entered and she still paid for him again.

To her greatest surprise, on Monday she saw a couple banging on her door demanding that she produce the little boy whom she help pay his transport fare, that the boy is nowhere to be found. She told them that she doesn’t know anything on what they are talking about and they said people around said they saw her with the boy, they called her a child trafficker and all that but it didn’t end there. The police came and they said ‘madam you will follow us to station and give us details on where you kept the boy’.

She followed them to the station and made her statements, the police men said they will do more investigation to know more about the boy’s whereabout and that was how she kept on going to the station for statement concerning this young boy.

She didn’t fight the battle alone rather she trusted God to intervene in the matter. She called on some of her prayer team and pastors to help also in prayers. On Thursday counseling and Deliverance service she came to the church here and it was like the service that day was meant for her alone. The pastor told them to wave away all their problems and she started waving all her problems and the police matter away. After the service that day she went to the pastor who prayed for her and ask her to go that she has no problem.

The next day she went again to the police station and they told her that the boy has been found, a man took him all the way to Ogbaku, Only God knows what his intentions with the boy was. That was how God vindicated her from all the accusations, may the name of the Lord be praised forever in Jesus name.
Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State.

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