Thursday Message: You Shall Know That The Living God Is Among Us… By Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Thursday Counselling And Deliverance Service Message, 12/08/2021


Text: Joshua 3: 9 & 10; Jeremiah 10: 10; John 12: 23, 37 & 38

When the Children of Israel were in the journey to the promise land, they faced several oppositions on their way.  You will recall from the scriptures that Pharaoh and his armies opposed them at the Red Sea. In addition the kings of Og and Bashan opposed them in the wilderness amongst other oppositions. Many of these nations were challenging the existence of the God of Israel and in all of these encounters, God proved to them that he is a living God, who is alive forever.
In one of such challenging situations, Joshua  told the Israelites, “hereby you shall know that the living God is among you”.
It appeared to the children of Israel that their was no hope as they were at the crossroad.
I want to let you know, if God has said anything concerning you, no matter the situation or opposition, God will bring it to pass. No person or power is equal to God and none can oppose God.
As you are here today, no matter the circumstance, I want you to know that we are serving a living God and he cannot change.
In the case of the children of Israel,  the Red sea opposed them, even the river Jordan was an opposition. I do not know what brought you here today, I want to speak by the word of the Lord, like Joshua of Old. Maybe you have come to a crossroad and the people of the world are asking you, where is the evidence that you are serving a living God; listen to me, today you shall know that the living God is among us.

The Lord has given us a great revival in these last days. The Three fold vision:
Grassroots revival all over the world; Revival of the apostolic christian experiences amongst the body of Christ; Revival of heavenly consciousness in the hearts of Believers all over the world (Heaven at last) and in addition, the Ten Billion Souls mandate.
God has given us this great vision and mandate and it appears there are many challenging situations asking many of you, where is your God? If you say you are serving God, then why are all these things happening to you?  In the face of all these, you are now asking, where is that God?
You see you, today and from now on till Jesus Christ comes, you will know that the living God is among us.
It was in the same way they asked the people of Old, where is your God.
Let us consider the following scriptures:
Psalm 42 :  3, 10
Are you like the Psalmist? Are you crying every night because of what you are passing through? Are many asking you every day, where is your God? I want to assure you that the God that proved himself in the life of the Psalmist, that same God has not changed. Today, you shall know that the living God is among us.
No matter what you are going through, I am assuring you,  be it river Jordan; it shall give way. Is it the Red Sea? It shall dry up. Are there many conspiring against you? I am assuring you this day, they shall scatter for your sake and God will give you victory over them in Jesus name.
No matter what they have said, at the end of today’s message, by the time I say the final Amen; your enemies will submit.

Brethren, your problem will submit. Whatever you are passing through, God will give you victory.
All the kingdom of those tormenting you will be in disarray. If those tormenting you have any support, it is from a defeated devil. The devil has been defeated thousands of years ago and all his power taken away from him. He is only operating with manipulation.
The Bible says, all power in heaven and on earth has been given unto Jesus Christ and Jesus said to me and all the Chosen People,  “behold I give unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and overcome all the powers of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you”.  Luke 10 : 19.
The devil and all his accomplices are under your feet.
Whatever they have done or said against you, today thereby shall you know that the living God is among us.

In this message we shall consider the following sub-headings:


Everyone should understand that whatever had happened to those before us is as a result of the devil who is enemy of man and enemy of God. All those that suffered in the times past such as Adam and Eve, were as a result of the devil. Whatever you are passing through, the enemy the devil is the cause.

John 10: 10a
You can see that the work of the devil is to steal, kill and destroy.

The devil does not want anybody to believe God. However we are testament to the fact that God has done so many great things for us and even in the Bible you will find how God healed the people. He made the blind to see, the lame to walk, deaf and dumb to hear and speak. God has also delivered his people from bondages. He delivered them from Egypt. In addition, God also divided the Red Sea. God also fought so many battles for the people of God in times past. Even for you, God has done so many things.

Many of us have testified to the goodness of God. Yet Satan and his human agents magnify problems as if though the problem you have currently is bigger than what God has done for you in times past.

There are several people that when faced with little problems, they forget all that God has done for them in times past.
This was the same case as the children of Israel after God delivered them from 430 years bondage in Egypt. God also gave them victory over the Red Sea. However when they were opposed by the River Jordan, the children of Israel began to cry and murmur against God.
Let us check on the scriptures.
Exodus 14: 10-12.

You can see from the scriptures how the children of Israel murmured and complained before God. Be reminded that before this time, God afflicted all the households of Egypt and the entire land of Egypt using plagues and the Angel who passed through the households of Egyptians. These acts of God were demonstrated in order to bring out the children of Israel from the bondage of 430 years. Yet when they journeyed out of Egypt and came before the Red sea, they murmured before God.

I want you to understand that whatsoever you have today, was given to you by God. If therefore you are passing through a challenge or unpleasant circumstance, please note that the same God who did it for you before, that same God is alive.
God is alive forever. He is unchangeable God.
Do not murmur. Do not complain.

Many examples abound of what God did for the children of Israel in the wilderness. We have read of several battles he fought for them; how he fed them with manna from heaven; how God healed them using a brazen serpent and many more signs and wonders.
It is therefore surprising that when the Israelites came before a river, when the river stood as an opposition, they began to murmur.
I want to ask us something. Can the River Jordan be compared to the Red Sea?
The children of Israel had crossed over the Red Sea and now before them was the River Jordan. They began to murmur and complain.
It was at this juncture that Joshua had to speak again.

Kindly look up Joshua 3 : 9 &10
In view of the reaction of the Israelites, Joshua had to speak to them and reassure them. It was in front of the River Jordan that he spoke to them the words of assurance.
I do not know what is standing before you. I do not know what is that prevailing circumstance.
Today, you shall know that the God of Chosen who has fought so many battles for us, who put the devils and all their noise to silence, that same God who did it is alive and that your little problem opposing you, he will cross you over in Jesus name.

I do not know the present problem or that problem that came upon you and people are asking you, where is the evidence that you are serving God? You see you today, the God that fought for me; the God that delivered the Chosen People from many noise; the God that vindicated me; that God will give you victory.

The God that delivered the children of Israel from the bondage of 430years; the God that divided the Red Sea; the God that sustained the Israelites in the wilderness by giving them Angel’s Food; the God that gave them water from the rock, that God has power to divide the River Jordan.
Today, he will do it for you in Jesus name. Amen.


No matter the problem that appears as a mountain before you today, it can never be compared to what God has done for you in times past.  Today, that mountain must be removed.
The Psalmist is known to always testify of what God has done for him and then goes ahead to ask for more. We need to reflect on that wisdom of the Psalmist.
Let us consider the following scripture:

Psalm 103: 1-5
Many of you that were sick in times past, the Lord healed you.
God has delivered many of us from destruction.
God has preserved us and kept us fresh and alive.
The Psalmist says, bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not his benefits.
We will all agree that we have benefited a lot from the Lord. Whilst pondering on the present challenge, we must not forget all the benefits we have enjoyed from the Lord.
The God that did it for you before, honestly he will do it again.

Malachi 3: 6; Hebrews 13 : 8
God cannot change because of you.
That problem you are going through, look at it for the last time.
No matter who may have attended to that problem, you shall know today that the Lords Chosen of which many people are talking about, and who has done many wonderful things for us, today he will visit you and deliver you. Just one touch and that yoke will break in your life.
Today, that River Jordan must divide. It must dry up completely in Jesus name.

I do not know the rest of the problem you may encounter later in life. However, it is important to point out that when the children of Israel crossed over River Jordan, there was the wall of Jericho confronting them on the way and the lands to be possessed. Nonetheless, the same God who is the living God, saw them through the remaining problems of their lives.

I therefore assure you today, that from now till Jesus comes, the same God will see you through.

Brethren be advised to always follow our topics.
As you follow, you will keep climbing and will not fall.

From now till Jesus comes, you will always experience God on a daily basis.
This particular message is not only for today. From now on, you shall know that the living God is among us.

Whatever be the problem you are faced with, present them before God as we go into prayers today.

Joshua 3: 10
Ye shall know that the living God is among us.

I do not know what you are going through. Tell the Lord, behold my problems, behold my marriage, behold my affliction; whatever be the problem, present them before the Lord. This is because the bible says in Psalm 50 : 15, ” Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer thee and thou shall glorify me.”
No matter the problem, call upon the Lord today and he shall answer your prayers.

Matthew 7: 7; John 14: 13
Brethren listen to me, in the days of Isaiah the prophet, there was a question he asked (Isaiah 53: 1).
If you also consider Joshua’s assurance to the children of Israel, it was a case that appeared as if the Israelites were doubting God.

If you will believe the report today that the living God is among us and you present your matter today before the living God, there will be an immediate miracle in your life.

The Prophet Isaiah asked that question, “who will believe our report?”
Today as you believe, you are going home with whatsoever you came believing God to receive. Amen.

Matthew 9: 27-30
If you believe my prayers today; if you believe that God is among us and you present your problems before him, you shall go home completely free. The Lord will give you victory in Jesus name.
Remember it was by faith that the children of Israel marched round the wall of Jericho and God brought it down.
If you will believe my report today, God will bring down that problem in Jesus name.

In conclusion, I want to address as many that are sinners and Backsliders.
They should repent and surrender all to Jesus Christ.
Confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Saviour.
Romans 3:23; 1 John 3: 8 & 9; 1 John 5: 17a; Isaiah 59: 1;
Are you asking what is sin? All unrighteousness is sin.
Unbelief is sin. Selfishness is sin; Covetousness is sin, Insincerity is sin; backbiting, murmuring, speaking evil of others, these are terrible sin.
Going to native doctors, going for divination and palm reading, all that is terrible wickedness. No child of God does that. If you are into stealing, any form of stealing; stealing from Government, stealing from companies and individuals, that is sin. Amend your ways.
If you are there and you are involved into armed robbery, duping people, do not bring such money to this Church.

If you are among those people that are involved in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, that is terrible wickedness.
Fighting and quarreling, smoking and drunkenness all these are evil. Ask for the mercy of God.

Are you into fighting and quarreling? Are you disobedient to your husband or you are beating your wife, that is sin.
Are you into any kind of killing, poisoning people, hired assassin? Confess that sin and amend your ways. Promise God you will not return to that wickedness.
Are you into divorce? That is sin.
Matthew 19: 4-6.

Are you into polygamous marriage or you have sent away your wife or you moved away from your husband, that is sin. Marriage is between a man and a woman until death separates you.
Are you a woman dressing like a man or a man dressing like a woman, all that is sin. Deuteronomy 22: 5
Are you among those that take snuff, take cigarette and banned substances, that is sin. That is wickedness against your soul and against humanity.

All these people that bleach their body and turn yellow over night, that is sin.
I have not spoken this word to condemn you but to point out what is evil thereby enabling you to amend your ways.
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Proverbs 28: 13; John 14: 6; John 1: 29; John 10: 10b; Matthew 11: 28; John 1: 12; 2 Corinthians 5: 17
As you give your life to Jesus Christ and begin to live the life of the kingdom of God,  you have beleived my report.  Today and for the rest of your life, you shall know that the living God is among us.
Romans 10: 13
Rise up and let us pray.

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