The Lord’s Chosen Devotional Guide

Date: Friday 6th August 2021

Text: Ezekiel 5:16-17


Memory Verse: “…..If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:13-14)

There are times when God unleashes punishment upon His people. The bible tags it, “Chastening.” Any child of God who does not accept chastening is tagged a bastard. Our earthly fathers chastise us and we give them their due respect. Meanwhile, they are susceptible to evil. So, why can’t we accept chastening from our heavenly Father who is righteous and just? Chastening is usually handed down as a corrective measure though it is not always pleasant. Nevertheless, we must humble ourselves if we are to get out of its sometimes devastating effects.

God says, “If I shut up heavens that there be no rain.., which means, God can shut up heavens and cause the rains to cease. Again, He says, ” if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people.” This also means that the Lord can command the locusts to devour our lands and eat up the harvest and allow pestilence to ravage the people like in the case of the coronavirus pandemic, which He allowed. However, because of His inexhaustible mercy, He makes provision for the reversal of whatever judgments He has pronounced on the condition that we humble ourselves and repent and pray.

The concern here is that we should humble ourselves. When we realize our waywardness and wretchedness wholeheartedly and repent from all of them and begin to ask God to show mercy and cancel every judgment, He said He will hear from heaven and answer our prayers and heal our land. Our land here includes our economy, finances, destiny, health, etc. Now, the Lord has sent the land evil arrows of famine, which if left unattended to, will increase and lead to destruction. He has allowed the evil beasts in the form of killers, insurgents, bandits, etc and they are bereaving families, making many women widows and childless, making children orphans.

Before now, He allowed the coronavirus to paint the world red with blood. The Lord is warning that He would bring the sword upon the nation and the world. Therefore, this is the time to humble ourselves and stand in the gap for our family, church, G. O and his family, nation, and the world in general. The truth is that if these situations are allowed to persist, it will be difficult to enjoy God’s abundance.

Worship/praise God and then take the following prayer points:

  1. By the power and authority in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, I separate myself and my family from any calamity, disaster, tragedy, sorrow, and affliction, in Jesus’ name.
  2. I cancel any appointment the devil has booked for me and other members of my family to die, in Jesus’ name.
  3. I command the obituary poster the enemy has printed over my life bearing my name and photograph, awaiting distribution and pasting to catch fire, in Jesus’ name.
  4. Any power or human being targeting our G. O, Mommy in the Lord or any of their children for death and destruction; die in their place, in Jesus’ name.
  5. Father, whatever be the destruction you have pronounced upon our nation; for the sake of your covenant with the chosen ones, let it be canceled, in Jesus’ name.

Authored By Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

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