The Lord’s Chosen Devotional Guide

Date: Sunday 1st August 2021

Text: Exodus 15:2


Memory Verse: “And they said unto Moses, Thy servants have taken the sum of the men of war which are under our charge, and there lacketh not one man of us.” (Numbers 31:49)

Showing appreciation unto God for preserving, protecting, and providing for us should be the most important thing to do at this moment. The truth is that our seeing the beginning of another month is not by our power or might. Instead, it is by the spirit of God. During the same period, many people lost their lives including people who were better than us in terms of character, righteousness, and holiness. Some of them were more handsome or beautiful, had more money and better social connections. So, being alive today is not because we are more deserving than others. It is just by the grace and mercy of God.

It is only natural for humans to be under one kind of pressure or the other. As children of God, we must understand that there is time for everything. For everything we expect God to do for us, it is for an appointed time. Therefore, we must not allow the pressures of life to becloud our sense of judgment. We must allow God to have His way. Having survived another month and been ushered into a new one, the priority should be to appreciate God. It is very obvious and certain that we did not achieve it on our own. It has been entirely by the mercy and grace of God. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

In the light of the above, let us return all the glory unto God. Whether we like to admit it or not, God has been faithful to His promise to protect us. There is no doubt that is the perilous times the bible talks about, during which the wickedness of man will be showcased at an alarming proportion. Perilous times here refer to the level of the grave danger that will envelop the world leading to men being lovers of themselves and not lovers of God. The result: Persecution of those that love God, killings, anarchy, and so on. It is in the face of these hostilities that God has spared us.

We only hear of the carnage and death but are not affected by them. (Psalm 91:8-10) So, it’s not by any special precaution on our side that we have been able to overcome so far. Rather, it is an act of God’s mercy. This we must acknowledge and give Him all the glory and thanks. That should be the first thought in our hearts as we enter the new month. The reason is that it will please the Lord who has done it for us. He does not accept food, drinks, or money. All He requires is that we give Him praise, which doesn’t cost us anything either.

Maybe you have not built a new house or bought a new car or had large sums of money stashed inside your bank accounts as you envisaged. Yet, you are still alive today. Being alive provides you with the opportunity to give life another try. So, be grateful to God; if not for anything; for being alive.

Worship/praise God and then take the following prayer points:

1. Father, I thank you for preserving me and my family and all the chosen people worldwide during this period of tribulation and bring us into another new month, in Jesus’ name.

2. Lord, we thank you for protecting and preserving our G. O, Mommy in the Lord, their children, and entire family, in Jesus’ name.

3. O God our Father, as we enter into the new month, may our watchful eyes be upon all the chosen people and let your hand of the power envelope us, in Jesus’ name.

4. Father, may this wind of death and destruction sweeping across our nation not consume any chosen. By Your mercy, avert war in our nation, in Jesus’ name.

5. Lord, by your Spirit and power, let anything we lay our hands upon in the new month prosper by the anointing in Your word, in Jesus’ name.

Authored By Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

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