Fro. Zero To Multi-Millionaire, Bought A Storey Building And Other Goodies


They say the gift of a man makes a way for him; but sometimes, the heart of a man makes a way for him– especially one whose life is right with God.

Brother Kizito Nwabuwa is a man who has served God with his heart , time and resources before things went south for him in 2013, but today, God of chosen has opened his book of records, to favour him.

In the year 2013, his shops got burnt and instantly turned him from rich to poor.

Out of pity, he gave his last shops and goods to his boys who has served him and was due for settlements, and then relocated to Ogun State, stone broke.

He kept the faith and continued to follow this God, believing that this God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask of Him, will remember him and change his situation.

Few years later , he got a call from one of his boys who demanded to see him. He invited them to his place and they couldn’t hold their tears on seeing our brother’s predicament.

After exchanging pleasantries, they told Brother Kizito that someone asked them to come bring him. Brother Kizito was reluctant to follow them, as he didn’t know the person who sent them from Adam–but his wife eventually encouraged him to go.

They scheduled a day for the meeting and met.

The man told our brother he hasn’t been seeing him in the plaza where he used to sell, and asked what happened. After our brother told him what happened, he was touched. He told our brother to go to a certain plaza(which he owns) to collect any shop of his choice–and that our brother should move back to Lagos immediately.

Our brother told him his problem is too compounded, that giving him a shop won’t solve it. He can’t possibly be coming to Lagos from Ogun State to sell everyday, and also, he doesn’t even have money for goods to stock the shop.

But when God of chosen opens one’s book of records for remembrance, he opens it for real.

The man immediately promised to give our brother four million naira cash and also called someone in Surulere to give our brother a standard 3 bedroom flat. All this in one day!

Our brother who was at that point in twilight zone, thought he’d heard it all, but no, God of chosen was not done dishing out to him browny points –both deserved and underserved.

The man then told our brother that he’ll call China on his behalf and connect him so he can get goods of any amount on credit , and he’ll stand for him as guarantor.

Our bro told him he needed a flat in Oshodi, instead of Surulere, and our brother’s request was instantaneously granted.

After the meeting, the man gave our brother and his wife a hundred thousand naira for transport and gave our brother a cheque of one million, four hundred thousand for the flat. The bank case/debt our brother had with the bank was overturned as the man also told his lawyer to look up the case and sue the bank hundred million naira for damages. The bank eventually apologized to our brother and allowed him go free.

Today, brother Kizito is Uber rich. He has bought properties of his own and still, hasn’t stopped sponsoring God’s work. He bought electric poles and connected power to the chosen church in his village and has also commenced the fixing of ceilings in the same church.

He has been greatly blessed , and recently bought multi million naira worths of lands in his village worth.

Only God can do this.

You can watch this great testimony on this link:

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew

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