Brother Okechukwu Onyeulo,

1 Chronicles 16:22

Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm

Brother Okechukwu Onyeulo, a member of The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry at Wolverhampton, United Kingdom mounted the testimony podium to glorify God for delivering him from death.
Our Brother who is an Uber driver in the United kingdom, on this particular day,  dropped off a customer (Black young man) at night. The customer paid him with fake money but didn’t notice until the customer had gone in. In a bid to locate this customer, our brother went through his call log, obtained the customer’s phone number and called the customer. The customer responded harshly but eventually told him he was coming out with the ‘right’ money.

As our brother waited, a young white man approached him brandishing a pistol. He was shocked as the white man opened fire at him.
This brother was shot twice but to his amazement, the bullet did no harm to him nor any damage or scratch to his car. The attacker ran away in fear seeing our brother was untouched.

Our brother contacted the cab company who then called the police. The police arrived and questioned our brother who narrated the whole ordeal but the police did not believe him since there was neither physical evidence of bullet shot nor holes on his car.

He explained to the Police that it was the power of the God he serves. The Police asked for the name of the church and he gave them The Lord’s Chosen sticker. They took him to their station to write a detailed report on the incidence.

The following day, the Police contacted him the to say that they played back the CCTV footage for that area and it confirmed that truly, the incident took place just as our brother said and the footage clearly showed the culprit shoot at our brother twice without being hurt.

This is yet another testament amongst many that the covenant of protection the Chosen has with God will always speak for the Chosen ones.

All glory be to the mighty God of Chosen!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew


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