One thing all genuine believers should know , is that serving God with your time and resources, yields great returns. There are countless testimonies of people who have served this God selflessly, and got rewarded– and sis Esther Oyolede can be found in same text bracket.

She moved to the north since 1986 , and was a through-and-through member of a Bible believing church , before jumping ship to chosen in year 2008.

She fell so in love with chosen that she sometimes travel kilometers just to worship in chosen; as that was the closest branch she could locate , then.

As God would have it , suggestions about getting a land nearby for the church came up, and God of chosen miraculously provided one, through her efforts.

The royals and fat cats doesn’t allow their wives deliver at the hospital when in labor, but instead bring health workers to their homes during labor– and this gave our sister, who’s a matron , opportunity to visit the palace and table her land request, on behalf of the church.

After much contemplation and denial, she finally found a land for the church in Dapchi, Yobe state.

Days before paying for the land, bills and expenses popped up! Her children in University of Maiduguri needed money and our sister was in-between. She shrugged off all fear and went to pay for the land, believing God to make a way, so she can get more money to send to her children.

God of chosen who makes way even in the wilderness , provided for our sister . She attended a seminar in Katsina state and was paid more than what she spent for the acquisition of the church land .

It didn’t end there!

While the church building was ongoing, she joined the work and then later went to where RCC workers were staying, invited them for worship and they came.

When the service was over , they asked our brethren what they needed and they said building materials. The RCC workers then granted their request, by providing cement, granites, and other materials for the church, free of charge.

These acts of her moved heaven and blessings rained on her . Promotion was granted to her , and she also bought a jeep, to silent her mockers.

Her joy also, was that all her children followed her footsteps in her time in the north. None of them was deceived to believe contrary.

Her boldness has a chosen is what even herself hasn’t been able to explain. Since she jumped ship, she became so bold and fearless, no matter the situation. Even when Leah Sharibu ( her neighbor)was kidnapped by Boko Haram and taken away, she was inside her apartment – despite the heavy gunshots.

Sometimes, people asked her what her secret was, and why she is so fearless and unbothered, she’d just tell them ” she’s a chosen. “

Three months to her retirement, and just before the covid-19 started , she came to Lagos and because of the travel restrictions, she couldn’t go back. A call came to her from her guard, that Boko Haram invaded her hospital and took her official car, and were trying to take her personal Jeep with them ,but the jeep refused to answer.

After fruitless efforts to start her Jeep, they set it ablaze.

Hearing this, she began to sing and worship God to the amazement of her children– who thought she’d gone bananas. Who would be greeted with a horrible news as that and start singing? They asked !

Family and friends started blaming her for leaving her Jeep behind, when she could have carried it along to Lagos. But God of chosen who doesn’t sleep nor slumber, did a miracle. News came to her that the government officials visited the affected areas and victims, and vowed to restore our sister’s Jeep to her .

Her Jeep was top of the list for those who would be given relief materials and restorations, and in no distant time, she got a credit alert in her phone, from the government, to purchase and replace her burnt Jeep.

Only God can do this .

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew

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