If anyone had told sister favour Imade that she’d see a day like this, she’d warn that person to stop deceiving her.

She joined this ministry since 2014 and she has been to hell and back.

20 years ago, she started having stomach problems. She has gone tribal, diabolical and herbal but no solution. She’s had her stomach torn severally as a result of this problem but still her situations got worse

She’s been a to Ijebu Ode to see a native doctor who told her that her problem came with her from heaven, that she should be drinking urine so her problem can be vanquished. But after 3years of drinking her urine and that of her children, the problem refused to go. She ate bitter leaf for many years and other herbal medicine but none could deliver her.

Later on , she went to see a renowned prophet in Lagos who’s known for performing miracles, saw him one on one and even stayed there two weeks, but the prophet could not deliver her from the severe stomach pains. That was when she located chosen.

While she was here , her problem remained. But like our G.O used to say, “continuation brings freedom”. She was impatient and left the church when it seemed like her freedom wasn’t going to come from here and left for another church.

Months after she left chosen,looking for a solution, the pastor of the new church she started attending ,couldn’t heal her, yet advised her to leave chosen for the better , but our sister got furious and declined the pastor’s counsel and then returned back to chosen fully.

Her children overseas who are well to do, became miffed that their mother was wasting their money. They sent money every month to her and the sickness swallowed all of it , and when she tells her children she bought drugs with the money, they disbelieved and doubted her truth. She gave up hope in life and was ready to die, but God wasn’t done with her yet.

Just recently, our pastor called for a 3-day fasting and our sister reluctantly participated.

While the fasting was going on, she slept off and saw herself in her grandfather’s house. It was an empty land but a door that led to nowhere was there. She opened the mat-like-door and saw a torch on the floor, pointed it in the dark room and so many unknown people ran out of the house . She held a picture of her dad and her grand-dad and immediately those people ran out, a fire came from heaven and consumed the picture on her hand and also the leaves she was holding. She selected the burnt leaves from the ones that wasn’t burnt and threw them away.

While she was yet walking ,pointing the touch on her dark paths, two men accosted her and asked her where the men who ran out of that room went, and she told them she had no idea. The two men angrily left and our sister woke up with the touch still in her hands. She wondered what kind of dream it was, unbeknownst to her that God of chosen has started to work, and has sent the Angel that works with this ministry to go into action.

The following day of the fasting, she had another dream where a huge Angel accosted her and told her to follow him. Our sister did, and then while they were going , her father’s late kid sister came from the adjacent road carrying a headpan filled with calabash and some diabolic items. The Angel shouted for the woman and said “GIVE HER HER THINGS”, of which the woman refused . Her refusal made the angel more furious and then dragged her to a tree that’s as fat as a petrol tank, by the farm side .

When they came to the tree side, her father’s late sister was forced to tap the root of the tree. A sack bag appeared in her hands and content of the bag were poured on the ground. Things like cowries and so many traditional items were amongst the things thrown out . Her father’s sister then stretched forth her hands and said to our sister “TAKE YOUR FATHER’S MONEY”. The unsatisfied angel shouted again furiously and with a loud voice, GIVE HER HER THINGS” ! And the woman took them to her house , brought out more traditional items that has several ropes of different colours, tore it open and gave it to our sister .

When our sister opened it , behold it was her placenta, fresh like a newborn baby’s own. She handed it over to our sister and the angel told our sister to check it ,that there are several needles pierced on it. She checked and then removed all the new needles she found pierced on it and the angel pointed at a fire and told our sister to throw everything in, of which our sister did.

When she woke up from the dream, she became weak like one who traveled to a far journey. The first thing she noticed was that she wasn’t feeling pains where she used to feel pains. She touched the places and nothing was felt. Still scared and puzzled by the dream, she called her children that it seems she’s going to die, that they should take care of themselves. One of her children was not impressed ,and instead told her mum that this is indeed a deliverance, not a death threat, which indeed gave our sister a glimmer of hope.

Still not sure what was happening, she decided to prepare pap and drink , to be sure the pains has gone. She drank and no pain was felt. Still in doubt , she went to the market to buy foodstuffs and prepare egusi soup; because she hasn’t eaten any food that has pepper for 3 years. She ate all manner of food and no signs of pain, that was when our sister rejoiced and thanked this God of chosen. A problem of over 20 years was sent to oblivion by this great God.

Brethren I fear this God afresh. Only God of chosen can indeed deliver in this manner.Pictorial evidence of the medical receipts and medications she’s been having over the years.

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