The rise of fake prophets and worship centers has been instrumental in marring the image and reputation of the true churches in Nigeria; and also, it has made youths believe that church is no longer the solution to the problems they face.

Some even said that they’d rather pray at home and serve God from the comfort of their homes, than worship God in church, because to them, pastors are pseudos and a sham.

Many make harsh comments in blogs and mock their mothers who intercede for them daily, and visit pastors just so their children can be delivered from danger– yet, so many of them call their mothers “gullible clients” to pastors who they generically call “SCAM”.

All these unfortunately, has been the rewards of the sacrifices, struggles, sleepless nights and prayers of many mothers who just want their children to be protected by God.

Bro Ifeanyi might probably be one of these lots. Many a times, he tells his mother to rest and sit at home, that the church activities is too much and that she should stop the constant vigils; unknown to him, these vigils and constant prayers has been his “saving grace.”

Over two months ago, his mother tried calling him, to check up on him as a typical Nigerian mother would, but his phone was repeatedly off. When she calls her other children, they’d lie to her that Ifeanyi was fine, that he misplaced his phone–and that he’d call her soon when he gets a new one.

Ifeanyi’s mother bought into the story and kept waiting for his call, but couldn’t get one.

One day at the vigil, her in-law called her and told her to thank God for the life of Ifeanyi, that God of chosen has delivered him from death. When our sister inquired to know what happened, she was given the most shocking story of her life.

Ifeanyi had met with an accident.

He was driving around Abule-Ado area of Lagos when two unknown gunmen stopped him, broke his windshield and ordered him to come down, and when he did, all he could remember was a cannonade. He was shot mercilessly till the gunmen ran out of bullets.

While he was unconscious, some onlookers and police eventually came to check him and found out he was still breathing. They quickly rushed him to the hospital to be treated.

When they were treating him, one of his sister who knows her mum’s pastor(chosen pastor), ran to him to brief him of what happened, so that prayers can be made.

All these were being done without their mother’s knowledge. They fear she might get an heart attack if they told her, hence they kept her in the dark.

When he was being treated, prayers was bursting through the heavens on his stead and right there at the hospital, God of chosen began to do wonders. A total of thirty six bullets was miraculously removed from his body and yet he did not die.

Is God of chosen not great? How many people can receive thirty six bullets on their body and not die? Or be shot in the eye and still be alive?

According to Ifeanyi, while he was on the ground and almost giving up, he remembered a chosen song his mother usually sing at home , “ the God of chosen answers prayers, the God of chosen answers prayers, don’t murmur, don’t faint, the God of chosen answers prayers.”

That popular chosen song was like oxygen to him at that point in time. He also said with what just happened to him, he has gotten enough proof that God is in chosen and he will become a chosen member.

Bro Ifeanyi had to beg his mother that he’d like to stand beside her during the testimony, so he can return all the glory to God of chosen who had saved him.

He has finally seen and understood the importance of a mother’s prayer and intercession.

Brethren, only God can do this.

You can watch the testimony on this link;

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew

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