No matter how neck-deep a man is, into sin, God never cuts him off completely; neither does He go off the boil and withdraw. He keeps trying and trying till He wins that sinner over – unless of course that sinner has chosen death over life .

Bro Bassey Okon, was a dyed-in-the-wool and unyielding member of another church with a different belief and as a fledgling, his parents hammered into him the belief and ethos of that church, which made it hard for him to believe another doctrine.

One day, he returned from club and was about entering his house to rest when a chosen sister was preaching Christ. The preaching was so Holy Ghost powered that one would think the sister had bro Bassey data-profiled, But no! It was the power of the Holy Ghost. He has the database of all mortals and spirits.

While she was yet preaching, the troubled Bassey accosted him, knelt down and asked to be prayed for –that, truly, he belongs to a confraternity and was initiated into it by his father over 30 years ago.

According to him, he’s heard preaching of different kinds, and from diverse preachers, but he never gave them his attention, because all they are saying is what he already knows– but this one spoke more to him and about his present situation.

While on bended knees, he was prayed for by our sister and was told to confess his sins which he did, and then was led to Christ.

On Thursday of that very week, he was brought to church for deliverance service and while he paid attention to the service, a demonic voice started to minister fear to him , apparently to upset God’s applecart, but Bassey quickly shrugged it off .Few minutes later, he heard another voice that ministered to him, saying ‘ whoever the son of man has set free, is free indeed.’ That bible verse/ministration helped him grow a backbone, and made him more courageous.

When the servant of God mounted the podium and started to pray, bro Bassey fell under anointing and according to him, something left his body, and he was delivered.

A Jet of threat has been hitting him from all corners for surrendering to Jesus, and for exposing them ,but none has been able to harm him because he that is in him, is greater than they that are in the world .

He brought to the church, charms in his possession for them(charms) to be burnt and eventually counselled others who are still threading his old path, to pull out and accept Jesus afresh.

Only God can do this .

While we rejoice for the soul of bro Bassey, let’s all not forget the important lesson from this testimony, and the need for morning and evening cry. There are millions of souls out there , longing for Christ, and they cannot come to God unless a preacher preaches to them.

So everyone should make themselves available and go all out to preach the gospel.

Watch video of the testimony in the link below:

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew.

God of chosen is also set to do more miracles, and grant salvation, Holy Ghost baptism and sanctification to the people of Abuja, as there will be a one day crusade this Sunday at the church auditorium;

14 Solomon Lar way, opposite Jabi garage,Jabi, Fct Abuja.

Theme: It is time for God to bless you.

Do not miss it for the world.




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