Thursday Message: I know That God Can Do All Things



TEXT: Job 42: 1 & 2; Psalm 135: 5 & 6; Matthew 19: 26;

The lack of knowledge about what the Lord can do has made many people to suffer in the midst of plenty.
Many have limited God to a man. They do not know their God.
However Job said, ” I know what God can do and he can do all things”.
Even people who claim to be children of God and call upon the name of the Lord they lack this knowledge.

Hosea 4: 6
When you do not know what you should know, you get into error.
If they had known what God can do, such people can never limit God and they will never follow and worship strange gods.

When anyone has sufficient knowledge of what God can do, such persons can never be moved by any situation.
If you know what God can do in time of famine, in time of economic recession, then you should understand that God can do all things.
No matter the situation, those which know what God can do, they shall be strong and do exploits.

Job 14: 14
Job said, no matter what he is going through, he will wait upon God until his change comes. Why do you think Job had this confidence?

Job 42: 2
Job testified that God can do all things and God confirmed his belief. All of you that are here today, your change will come.

As a result of Job’s belief, he waited and God restored all to him. God honoured Job’s belief.

Psalm 46: 1-5
You see you, God will help you.
What is it that you are going through? If you have this knowledge, God will help you.
In that situation, you will survive. Everything you have lost in life shall be restored.

Now that you know that God can do all things, you must never allow yourself to be distracted by circumstances.



Many Believers and people behave as if there is any other Being that should be worshiped. Some of them believe that Doctors are more powerful. Some believe that some other human beings are more powerful.
Some persons are afraid of Idols made by human hands.
We should be afraid of this God. I know what God can do and I know that he can do all things.

2 Kings 17: 33
In the above scriptures, we see a people who profess the fear of God and yet consult lesser gods. Are you like that?

Psalm 136: 1
God Almighty has no comparison. He is the God of gods.

Isaiah 46: 5
To whom will you liken God?
No matter whom you are afraid of; no matter the demon, the Almighty God is above all.
He is the Creator. He is the Maker. Everything is existing by his power.

Colossians 1: 16 & 17
God is before all things.

Genesis 1: 1
In view of this knowledge that God created all things both visible and invisible, then he is above all.

John 3: 31
God is above all
God is above every situation
God is above your thoughts and imaginations
God is above the schemes and crafts of the wicked
God is above all that is exalted and eulogised by men.
God is above all.

Psalm 62: 11
God is the owner of Power. Anything that has power draws from him.

Genesis 17: 1
God is the Almighty God.  He is the one that is mighty.

2  Corinthians 3: 5
We should know God sufficiently to the point that all our sufficiency stems from him

Isaiah 17: 7 & 8; Job 14: 14
If you know your God, you shall not be moved.

Job 19: 25-27.
Job recognised and belived that God can do all things and he therefore spoke in accordance to his belief.

You see you, I do not know what you have been passing through, however in this very place, you shall see the glory of God.
I know, God can do all things.

Judges 6: 13 &,14
God can do all things. If you have this knowledge, no matter the situation, believe God and he will honour your faith.

Psalm 121: 1
When you look up unto Heaven with this knowledge, God will help you.
You see this great God, he is the God that doeth wonders.
No matter how many years you have been in that bondage, God will deliver you today.

Daniel 11: 32
If you know this God, you shall be strong and do exploits.


We all should endeavour to know what God can do.
God is unlimited. He is all sufficient.  He is God who has the power to do all things. This my God will change all your system. All your organs that might be weak or damaged, today God will change all your organs.

You see you,  as long as you be a Child of God and you have this knowledge,  you will excel.
All of you here, God Almighty whom i serve has marked you for blessings.
Take note that God is above all. He has all power. He is the Almighty.
We should know that God has the final say.

1 Samuel 2: 6
You see you, he that maketh rich and maketh poor, he will make you rich.
He that killeth and maketh alive, he will keep you alive.
He that raiseth up and bringeth down, he will raise you and sustain you at the top.

Matthew 19 : 26
With God all things are possible.

Luke 1: 37
With God nothing shall be impossible.

Job 42: 2
Those that do know their God they shall be strong and do exploits.
Let us join Job and wait upon God until our change comes.
Anything you have lost, it shall be recovered for you.

You see you, you will fulfil your years.
The light that comes from here will make you full of light.
The glory that comes from here will make you full of glory.

As a result of this knowledge, Job did not sin against God and God honoured his prayers.
My prayer is that as God blessed Job, God will bless you.

Job 42: 2, 10 & 12
In view of the knowledge and insight that Job had of God, God blessed him.
You see you today all that you have lost since you were born, the Lord will restore all of them to you.
If you remain faithful to this God and continue to persevere, honestly on this earth, you will see the glory of God.

Mark 9: 23
I am giving you assurance, if you believe today, God shall supply all your needs.

Matthew 7: 7
What is it you are looking for? Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find.

Do not forget that a Christian is not a Sinner and a Sinner is not a Christian.
For the sinners and Backsliders, they should repent and surrender all to Jesus Christ.
Confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Saviour.
Romans 3:23; 1 John 3: 8 & 9; 1 John 5: 17a; Isaiah 59: 1;

Unbelief is sin. Selfishness is sin; Covetousness is sin, Insincerity is sin; backbiting, murmuring, speaking evil of others, these are terrible sin.
Going to native doctors, going for divination and palm reading, all that is terrible wickedness. No child of God does that. If you are into stealing, any form of stealing; stealing from Government, stealing from companies and individuals, that is sin. Amend your ways.
If you are there and you are involved into armed robbery, duping people, do not bring such money to this Church.

If you are among those people that are involved in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, that is terrible wickedness.
Fighting and quarreling, smoking and drunkenness all these are evil. Ask for the mercy of God.

Are you into fighting and quarreling? Are you disobedient to your husband or you are beating your wife, that is sin.
Are you into any kind of killing, poisoning people, hired assassin? Confess that sin and amend your ways. Promise God you will not return to that wickedness.
Are you into divorce? That is sin.
Matthew 19: 4-6.

Are you into polygamous marriage or you have sent away your wife or you moved away from your husband, that is sin. Marriage is between a man and a woman until death separates you.
Are you a woman dressing like a man or a man dressing like a woman, all that is sin. Deuteronomy 22: 5
Are you among those that take snuff, take cigarette and banned substances, that is sin. That is wickedness against your soul and against humanity.

All these people that bleach their body and turn yellow over night, that is sin.
I have not spoken this word to condemn you but to point out what is evil thereby enabling you to amend your ways.
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Proverbs 28: 13; John 14: 6; John 1: 29; John 10: 10b; Matthew 11: 28; John 1: 12; 2 Corinthians 5: 17
As you give your life to Jesus Christ and begin to live the life of the kingdom of God,  I am assuring you, that power shall come upon you.
Romans 10: 13

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