Dead Children Brought Back To Life.


Our Brother Ndubuisi Ugwueze gave three testimonies on the second day of the crusade titled ‘God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings.’ He thanked God for genuine salvation and for His blessings upon his family.

On his way to the church earlier this year, his wife and children erroneously crossed the road instead of using the foot bridge. Unfortunately, two of his children crossed without waiting for direction from their mother. At the time, there was an oncoming vehicle which knocked down two of his children and caused their immediate death.

They were taken to the hospital immediately and the incident had been told to the General Overseer of the church. Two pastors were immediately dispatched to the hospital and with their cell phones– our G.O prayed and the children came back to life after 7 hours! They were alive and healthy whilst the brother testified on stage.

Back in 2017, our Brother was afflicted with severe stroke. It was so severe that he could not talk as his tongue had moved to the back of his head making death almost inevitable. He kept visiting to the hospital for treatment but all to no avail. He keyed into the Thursday Counselling and Deliverance Service and kept attending the services regularly. After a year, God delivered him totally and perfectly from the stroke. Though there were speculations by people that it would be difficult to have children after recovery from stroke. However, his wife conceived after his healing and gave birth to his little daughter.

Finally, God blessed our Brother with a better job with the Nigeria Ports Authority. This helped him to complete an abandoned project for about five years. Indeed, this is a true testimony to the fact that “Continuation brings freedom” as is the advice by the Pastor of the church.
Praise the Lord!!!

You can watch the live YouTube Video for the full testimony –

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