Former Member Of Black Axe Cult Surrender To Jesus Christ


The God that saves sinners and makes them to be a Saint, that God is the true God and that is the God of Chosen…

Brother Daniel Onyeagolam Chukwuemeka is here to return all the glory to God for a great deliverance upon his life. He was initiated into 2 cult groups known as ‘Black Axe’ & the marine kingdom at River Niger. In this marine kingdom, he spends his night on the last day of every year at River Niger making incantations till crossover.

By the reason of these initiations he was involved into so many evil: Armed Robbery, Extortion, Patronizing native doctors, Fornication, drug addiction, smuggling of drugs and sales, smoking of cocain and heroine, metamatem which is popularly known as guzoro, Indian hemp, loud, cigarettes, alcohol etc… He takes these drugs as food and these drugs made it impossible for him to sleep at night even in the day time.

He has been arrested twice by the police. In one of the occasion the police stormed their camp at Ama Hausa and arrested him and several others. They were in police custody for 2 months without their parents knowing their whereabouts and the police decided to waste them secretly since they are unleashing terror to humanity. The police later changed their mind and extended their stay to 4 months after which they were charged to court with 18 count charges.

By miracle he was picked out from the gang as a result of the prayers of his parents who are Chosen and other chosen pastors. He was to be put to jail with 2 options, the jail conditions were met and he was released. The case trial continued for about 2 months and finally he was discharged and acquitted.

When he came back he did not stop his evil, instead he started recruiting fresh group or gang for greater evil mission. According to him, most of those boys he recruited lost their lives. He has been shot on multiple occasions but the gun will not respond and he will ignorantly go back to baba to pay obeisance not knowing that it was God who love him so much and doesn’t want him to die before his time.

At a time he was tired of doing evil and decided to commit suicide. He had tried a total number of 4 times to take away his life all to no avail. He has tried hanging himself but the entire ceiling scattered and the attempt failed. He has gone to Nwangele river to drown himself but the attempt also failed. He has gone to the express road but all the big trucks and small cars were avoiding him.

At a time he started behaving abnormally and his family brought him to the church precisely Mgbidi Crusade 2021. He stayed at the crusade 2 days and became uncomfortable and he left the Crusade ground. He went straight to Nwaorie River in Owerri to drown himself but as he tried to jump inside, it seemed like a rope was drawing him back. He kept struggling to jump in and he got blind. He became unconscious and at the unconscious state he was hearing the voice of the pastor of Chosen cursing and destroying the demons that were inside him. By God’s grace he was rescued by his family members who were in search of him.

They took him back to the Crusade ground. When he regained consciousness he saw himself at the crusade ground again. The power of God started working on him and when he received the salvation message by the pastor he surrendered all to Jesus Christ. Today he is a new creature old things are passed away and all things has become new to the glory of God.
Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State…

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  1. God of chosen is so great, The God that save people from sins is The true God, and that God is God of chosen, Thank You Father in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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