God of Chosen is not ‘green’ when it comes to tough problems and quicksand. His right hand has delivered, saved and healed all manner of sicknesses and afflictions, and the case of sister Peace Emmanuel is no exception.

When she got pregnant in 2018, she and her family was excited about the prospective addition to the family and were so impatient to welcome the baby, unknown to them that the enemy was drafting and planning a ‘coup de main.’

Many a time she went to the hospital for ultrasound scan, during embryo, and many a time the results showed there was no child; but when she gets home, the baby kicks, which was strange to our sister

A situation like this is what health practitioners call “ a pregnancy of unknown location.”

She stopped going for scans since they kept telling her same story, and she handed the matter to God .

People mocked her and questioned her pregnancy story and some thought she was feigning it , but God of Chosen was watching.

Towards the middle of 2020, May/June to be precise, just when the gossips were increasingly hurting, her pregnancy sprang out, to silence her doubters and cloth them with shame.

She decided to go for a rescan (which she had previously vowed not to), and the result showed positive and that there was a baby, which made our sister super excited.

While the delivery was close, scary and unnerving news from friends began to hit her left and right; some even said they dreamed she delivered via operation , but our sister knew her God and was comforted.

Then, during the time for the December crusade she was at home when two women told her in the dream that she will deliver this month like a hebrew woman. On 7th January 2021 , she was delivered of her baby safely, in her house without operation.

God blessed her with a bouncing baby boy.

Praise the Lord!

You can watch the testimony on this link;

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew Internatinal Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.



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