Woman Captured By Heavily Armed Bandits Delivered By Transfiguration


Sometimes, the enemy thinks they have the Chosen ones boxed-in, unbeknownst to them that we have a fly-on-the-wall who is also our chaperone and troubleshooter; and that is the God of our Pastor.

Sister Deborah is another member of our church who has been taken to the bandit’s rabbit hole and came back alive, because of the goodness of our God.

She joined this ministry four months ago , and when she joined, things went south for her and her family. They decided to come to Lagos to hustle for bread.

Getting to Lagos, they found shelter with a friend who accepted them but because the helper’s life was contrary to what the church preaches, they decided to move out.

Homeless and jobless, our sister and her husband found themselves on the streets of Lagos. Walking aimlessly after being sent out, they heard a sound that seemed like a church’s worship service. They traced the sound and located a branch of the Lord’s Chosen at Ayobo area of Lagos.

They decided to join the service and met with the Pastor when the service ended, and explained their current situation to him. The Pastor counselled them, invited them to the Headquarters and handed them over to the welfare who took care of them and showed them a place to stay. They continued in service while believing God for a miracle.

February this year, the husband was called back to his job by the same company that initially let him go. He was promoted to a higher position and transferred to their branch at Ajah area of Lagos.

Now that the husband’s job has been restored, it was time to bring back their son to begin their new life as a family again.

Our sister embarked on the journey down to Minna to pick up her son. She was to return to Lagos on Wednesday 24th, March 2021. According to her, the bus she boarded from Minna suddenly developed a fault somewhere around Ife. The bus driver parked by the road and decided to fix the vehicle. She recalls that she complained to the driver about how unsafe the location was because they were sorrounded by thick bush, but he was adamant.

Minutes later, they were sorrounded by heavily armed men that were masked up. They matched them right into the bush. At this point, she was gripped by fear and started calling upon God of Chosen to deliver her, albeit silently.

The one who seemed like their leader saw her at the back clad in her apron and instructed her to pull off the apron. She refused. The man commanded one of the kidnappers to forcefully remove the apron, but he also declined, same with two others.

She recalls that as this exchange was going on, the angel of our G.O appeared beside her also clad in white apron. Immediately she saw him, she lit up and called him Daddy! He responded and said to her “My daughter, follow me”. She said that when she looked at the ground where our G.O was standing, a kind of white smoke covered the whole ground. He made a step and she followed suit, holding tightly to her son who was beside her. The other captured passengers and the bandits were all looking at her and wondering whom she was talking with.

Their leader shouted at her to return back to the line or she would be shot dead, but she didn’t pay any attention to him. She said that, as she was following the step of our G.O, the same white smoke covered her with her son.

Angry that she wasn’t paying attention to him, the bandit leader charged towards her to stop her, immediately our G.O raised his hand towards him and put it back down. The moment he did this, the bandit screamed and told the others that there’s an old man standing with our sister and that if they tried to kill her, they would all die. This led to argument, confusion and commotion among them and they eventually retreated and ran away from them.

They were then left alone right there as they hurried back to where the vehicle was parked. According to her, as she approached the vehicle, a private car driving past them stopped right in front of her and the driver asked her to enter. She said she was quite hesitant to enter but the woman who was driving convinced her that she knows about what happened and was there to take her to safety. This was happening very late in the night.

She finally entered the private car and the woman drove far away from there and made a stop in front of a very beautiful house. They entered the compound and the woman showed them to the room where they would rest for the night and continue their journey in the morning. There, they bathed and waited for daybreak.

Our sister recounts that through out the night, she kept hearing our G.O’s voice and many other persons she couldn’t see singing and worshipping God with the renown Chosen song“ He that sitteth on the throne, let your name be glorified.”

At that point, she stepped out of her room to see for herself, but found only one woman in the living room singing unto God.

At daybreak, the woman who drove them there came to check on them and asked our sister to get preapred to leave. She dressed up and packed her bags.

As they approached the frontage, she saw that there was a bus there with a driver ready to pick them up. The woman instructed the driver to take them straight to Chosen headquarters, Ijesha.

While in the bus, she tried to converse with the driver to know his name, but he remained unresponsive. Same way the woman who helped her also didn’t tell her her name even when she asked.

This driver transported our sister and her son and dropped them right in front of Chosen church! Till now, our sister is still marvelled at the mighty deliverance the God of Chosen gave to her and is ever thankful and happy to be a Chosen!

Isaiah 43:21 This people(chosen ones) have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.

You can watch the testimony on this link;

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew Internatinal Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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