Thunder Uprooted Charm Buried In The Foundation Of His House By Evil Uncle At Awka Etiti


The torments and oppression of a chosen person by the enemy, last only but for a while ; but when the day of deliverance and judgement comes, God of chosen doesn’t pull no punches, neither does He accept white-flags or peace talks from the oppressors. He shall surely requite and recompense the chosen of their adversaries.

While our Bro. Celetine Ojukwu from Awka Etiti Anambra State was in America, he was building a house in his village. All his effort to finish the house became vain and whenever he comes to the village he doesn’t sleep in the house because of nightmares of snakes and python fighting and chasing him.

The whole family knew there was a problem, but none of them had the solution. So, his siblings decided to recommend pastors and men of God for him to contact, so that deliverance can be conducted in their compound .

They called many pastors from renowned churches and none of them could do nothing. They then called a catholic priest who saw the problem, but still, had no solution for it. He saw that a charm was buried in the foundation of the building, and at the embryo , but now there’s nothing anyone can do about it–prayer was the only solution.

While they were still there, the priest then pointed at their uncle(who was a native doctor) house adjacent to the building and then told our brother that he saw the uncle turn to a crocodile and was pouring water on them; that he wants to tie the uncle. He asked them for a thread and they couldn’t find, until one of the women there loosed one from her plaited hair and gave to the priest.

After the prayers finished, everyone went home rejoicing, thinking that indeed salvation has come to the family, unbeknownst to them that nothing had changed.

While he went back to Lagos basking on the joy of the supposed deliverance from his wicked uncle, a call came back to him from the village that they saw his uncle bragging and looking so fresh, as if nothing happened. Our brother’s face fell, and he became disappointed.

Pondering what next to do, a friend of his, met him and introduced him to Chosen– and then told him to try the church, that there’s “power as of old” there. He hearkened and joined Chosen.

One day, our General Pastor was on the pulpit and then a prophecy came out from his mouth , that “there was a man in the congregation, who has been having challenges completing his building because of the charms the enemy planted in the foundation; that as he prays , God will go there and uproot that charm.”

Job 26:14 The thunder of his power, who can understand?

Glory be to the God of Chosen who never allows the word of his servant (our pastor) to fall on the ground.

After that prophecy, a call came to our brother from the village, that thunder created and passed through an aperture, tore the walls open, brought out and burnt the charm that was hid at the foundation.

Instantaneously, news came that the uncle who’s been oppressing him had gone blind and paralyzed. And two years later, he died.

That was how God gave our brother victory over his oppressor.

Indeed, only God can do this! Do you have similar challenge, bring the issue to the God of Chosen, He will disgrace your enemies and give you victory.

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew.

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