MIMISTERING: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Matthew 24: 1-12; Hebrews 10: 35- 37 & 39;
2 Thessalonians 2: 1-3

We all should be warned that all the
prophecies concerning the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is being fulfilled in our very eyes.

2 Timothy 3: 1-5
We have been made to know that there shall be pestilence, there shall be sorrow. We have also been made to know that persecutions and hatred of Christian’s shall abound. Also at this end time perilous times, dangerous times are upon the world and supposed Christians will go about denying the power of God.
All of us should recognise that all these prophecies are all being fulfilled before our very eyes. What we are therefore waiting for is the return and second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 24: 33
Though these prophecies are being fulfilled in our days, that does not mean it should be fulfilled in the life of any child of God, in a negative way.
We have got information that these things will happen.

2 Thessalonians 2: 2 & 3
You must not fall away. That is the crux of this message.
You and your family must be saved.
Take note that many of these prophecies stand as a warning for the Children of God not to make mistakes.

This is the reason the Angel of God spoke to Lot and his family, escape for your life from Sodom and do not look back.

Genesis 19: 1-17
This was the message given to Lot and his household to escape to the mountain.
However, out of carelessness, due to love for the things of this world, the wife of Lot looked backed and perished forever.
This same warning is being given to us this day through this message to guide us from falling away.



Many Believers are on the fast lane and are looking up to the wrong role models as examples. We should not be looking at Backsliders and Sinners as role models.
If you have made a mistake and you can hear me through this message, I appeal to you to come back and return to the faith.
This warning becomes very necessary as many are easily offended. Irrespective of all the incredible signs that the Lord has shown us in this Ministry, yet many get easily offended, become angry with the Lord and go away over flimsy issues.
These people forget all the messages they are hearing and all that the Lord has done for them, including the salvation of their souls and the divine protection they are enjoying.

Some of them develop familiarity with the Pastor and familiarity with the word of God. The Lord is warning all these class of persons to beware of falling away.

There are another set of people that are involved in murmuring. They murmur against Ushers, murmur against everything and find fault in everything. Such persons should be aware of falling away.

There is another set of those that complain always. They are only in the church to make ends meet. As a result of their disposition, the devil is always eager to follow them up.

If you must be a Christian,  you must pass through a lot of experiences for God to bring you into what he wants you to be.
No Believer can make Heaven without trials and challenges.
No Believer will make Heaven without going through the wilderness.
No Believer will make Heaven without going through the Narrow way and persecutions.
When all these things are happening, you see some of these Beleivers complain to all that are around them and inevitably they are drawn to the path of destruction in the guise of places of solution.
Such persons are being deceived as a result of lack of knowledge.

Matthew 4: 1- 9
Why did the devil show Jesus all the glory of the world? It is because at that point in time, Jesus Christ being in the flesh was hungry.

This is the reason why satan the devil is referred to as a Liar. He was showing Jesus Christ who created the world some sections of the world and demanding worship from the Eternal Creator.
We cannot worship any body or the devil because of hunger.
Do not allow yourself because of a temporary situation to join the company of those that have fallen away.
I want to let you know that all they are using to entice you is not from God.
Sometimes, they will advise you to allow your wife and children to go to their places of worship. You must not give in to such counsel.
No matter the multitude, the God in Heaven is One and he supervises the whole world.
Do not allow any person or group deceive you out of Chosen.
Believers must pass through trials for perfection. If there is no trial, there is no Heaven.
The reason why Satan is going about making attempts at derailing people from making it to Heaven is as follows:-

  1. Since the devil has lost out in Heaven, he wants every other person to be denied heaven so that all such persons alongside the devil will perish forever.

When Simon the Sorcerer tried to use money to purchase the HolyGhost. Apostle Peter responded and told him, “your money perish with you”.

Philipians 3: 17 & 20
Many are in this part and we must not be part of them.
We do not borrow the lifestyle of the world.

2 Timothy 2: 16 -18
If you give them attention, they will overthrow your faith
Jude 1: 8-10 & 18
We are in the very end time. We must not be victims of the devil.

Matthew 24: 33
When you see the prophecies that are being fulfilled, know that the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand.

Hebrews 10: 22 & 25
Draw near to God; draw near to the true path. We should draw closer, we should draw near.


We should learn from the example of the Apostles.
If you have proved that Jesus Christ is the owner of this Church, will you then follow some others to go to unknown places that has not been proved? God forbid.
Make up your mind to remain in The Lords Chosen.
We must not allow anything to distract us.
If God is changing the lives of people in this place, it is enough for us to make up our minds saying, “if i perish ,I perish”.
For Peter and the rest of the Apostles, it was from Chosen to Heaven.

John 14: 1
I do not know the problem you are going through in the Church or wherever you may be. All I want to let you know Is that God has a plan for you. Let not your heart be troubled.

That trial, that temporary trouble, God will see you through.
After little years of trial, God will show you his glory.

Luke 12: 32
My prayer is that God will give you Heaven. No matter the trials, the temptation, God will give you Heaven at last.

1 Corinthians 15: 51 & 52
We shall all be changed to be with the Lord .

Make sure you do not join the company of those that are deceived.
You must not be amongst those that are falling away.
As Jesus Christ our Saviour was not deceived by the glory of the world, make up your mind that you will not be deceived.

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