Sister Adaora Ekenma is here to appreciate the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy upon her life and family. With her testimony she has come to re-sound it to the devil that he the devil is a loser.

She said on a Saturday while they were at home her children started perceiving some bad smell, and rushed to her saying “mommy! mommy!! Something is happening in your room” they rush to her room and everything was intact, but unknown to them that fire has enveloped and burnt her sister’s room. Before then her daughter in law called her that she should pray against projection of the evil ones. She attend “Enemies Submitted” Crusade at Lagos and prayed asking God to cancel every such projection.

According to her testimony, their gas cylinder was close to the window of her sister’s room, 4 cars were parked around and a generator set at the back but The God of Chosen, The mighty in battle intervened and none of these things were touched by the fire. The entire room got burnt but only her sister’s Bible made it out. The fire would have killed everyone in the house supposed it moved beyond the room or made contact with the gas cylinder but because she and her family are “Chosen” the fire was contained. Glory be to God.

Secondly she testified that on behalf of her family she made a pledge of N1,000,000 to support the Mgbidi Crusade last year, but before she could fulfill the pledge, they were removed from office. She started worrying on how she will fulfill the pledge she made. Then in one of the Tuesday service the pastor made a declaration saying “somebody here, you have been struggling to get to a certain level, today God will loose you” and she fell under Anointing… After that God intervened and blessed her, she made a seal and got the sum of N1, 600,000… She quickly came and redeemed her pledge and God opened her ways and started blessing her… Praise the Lord.

Thirdly she is testifying on behalf of her sister. In her own effort she has tried to covert her sister to become born again but her sister would rather pack her things and leave the house than coming to church. After the death of her little boy, People thought she would out of frustration withdraw from the service of God but rather she added more zeal and speed in her service to God. When she was going to morning cry, her sister followed her to make sure that she doesn’t harm herself. As God would have it, through the message of the morning cry, her sister was touched and kept on following her. She on her own removed her earrings, makeups, trousers etc… Today the testimony is that her sister is now a Chosen, she is now a born again. Only God Can Do This.
Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State.

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