The Lord’s Chosen! The Church Of The Living God By Pastor Chidozie Amadi


This is eighteen years of our operation, as the church of the living God. It has been with undisputable records of victory, success and excellence all the way in this eighteen years of operation. It has been eighteen years of success in soul winning; it has been eighteen years of great exploits in church planting and establishments all over the world; it has been eighteen years of operation with unparalleled grace and power bestowed upon the church and our beloved General Overseer and Daddy in the Lord, for: GRASSROOT REVIVAL ALL OVER THE WORLD; REVIVAL OF THE APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCES AMONG THE BODY OF CHRIST; REVIVAL OF HEAVEN CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE HEARTS OF BELIEVERS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND FOR THE ACTUALISATION OF THE TEN BILLION SOULS MANDATE.

We, the pastors in Lagos State, hereby felicitate and celebrate with our dearly beloved Daddy in the Lord and our amiable and lovely Mummy in the Lord, and the entire family, on this occasion of celebration of THE WONDERS OF GOD OF CHOSEN these eighteen years. We wish to express our profound gratitude to the entire family of our beloved Pastor.

We salute specially our Daddy in the Lord: The General Overseer of THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MINISTRY WORLDWIDE.

Sir, we bless the Lord on your behalf, who has really helped you in the ministry, to record historic success in your calling.

Sir, we sincerely appreciate all your efforts and sacrifices put in, for the spiritual and physical benefits and well being of the pastors and members of ‘THE CHOSEN’all over the world. We are fat and flourishing in the work of God: because we are partakers and beneficiaries of God’s grace upon your life sir.

May the God of Chosen bless you more and more sir; May God of Chosen maintain you continually; May the Lord keep His light shining continually upon you and your entire family; May you glow evermore sir, illuminating and converting the people of the globe with the undiluted gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; May God’s anointing upon your life multiply exceedingly; May the Lord increase your joy, grace, peace and give you comfort on every side; May the Spirit of God overflow in your life and take you deeper in the wisdom and knowledge of God; May God bless all your children and grand children with all His spiritual and physical blessings and make them also a blessing to all; May God bless your beloved wife: our dearest Mommyin the Lord with all round blessings in Jesus name.

Thank you sir for being our pastor, teacher, counsellor, mentor and leader. Thank you for the immeasurable impartation and discipleship we have benefited from you. Thank you for all you have done for our overall success as pastors. Our deepest prayer: is your earnest prayer of “HEAVEN AT LAST” for all ‘THE CHOSEN’ all over the globe.

We love you sir, and will continue to love you ever more. God bless you sir.


(for the pastors in Lagos State)

Pastor Amadi Chidozie
Lagos state Pastor

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