Now Requires Tough Minded Christian Youth.. By Pastor Amanze




Text: Daniel 11:32; 1 Timothy 6:11-21; Ephesians 6:10-18.

Having seen what is happening around the world today, the level of iniquity, sin and ungodliness in the society, how the youths are running after the gods of the world, the fashion, fame, wealth, education and the internet communication.
2 Cor. 6:14-18; 1Jn. 2:15-18.
This a time when the faith of many Christian is becoming weak due to the thing happening around the world.
Many believers find it too hard to be committed to the Lord Matt. 24:12.
They can no longer maintain a holy and a righteous life, no more time to pray and fast or to study the word of God.
They are ashamed to confess Christ to their friends; they now compromise their Christian faith and do things they ought not to.

Also, Satan, demons and the world are out there doing all they can to stop the youths from making heaven Jn. 10: 10; Rev. 12:12.
So, serving God in purity, righteousness and holiness in a time like this requires the tough minded Christians.

For better understanding we shall consider this message in two points.

  1. THE TOUGH CHRISTIAN YOUTH EXPLAINED AND EXAMPLES: When we refer to something as “Tough” , it means that such thing is not easy to handle, so is a tough Christian youth They are not ordinary Christians, they cannot be pushed here or there, they are not Christians who can compromise their faith, the world around them cannot influence them, not even friends, environment and career.
    They can pay any price for persecution, longsuffering and trials because of their conviction in righteousness and holiness.

They are Christians who are consecrated and devoted to the Lord 2 Tim. 3:10-12; 1Tim. 6:11-14. They are youths who have decided to make God happy with their lifestyle making sure they shine as light in their society Matt. 5;13-16. Also, the tough Christian youths can never allow sin, unrighteousness and worldliness to defeat them.
They stand for the truth of the gospel and are ready to defend it with their blood.
The bible has records of youths we can see as the tough Christian youths. They are; Daniel; he refuse to defile himself with the Kings meat Dan. 1:8.
Joseph; he refuse to fall into the sin of immorality Gen. 39:1-11.
The Three Hebrew Children, they refused to serve the graven image made by King Nebuchadnezzar Dan. 3:14-28.
Esther, Ruth, Timothy and Samuel can also be referred to as the Biblical Tough Christian Youths.

  1. A CALL TO BE A TOUGH CHRISTIAN YOUTH AND REASON. The Lord is looking for youths who will stand for Him as tough Christian youths.
    He is searching for youths who will determine to stand for Him no matter what.
    Christian youths who cannot be influence with the cares off this life, youths who can endure persecution, trials and long suffering for righteousness sake 2Tim. 2:1-4.
    such a youth that will make God happy, that can shun sin, unrighteousness and ungodliness and as well stand for Him in righteousness in the place of work, school, street and compound. “Hope He will find you”.

The reason for the message is that many Christian youths have disappointed the Lord. They failed to stand for Him, they compromised their faith because of little trial, temptation and hardship that came their way. They followed the way of the world like Demas and betrayed Him like Judas 2 Tim. 4:10; Matt. 26:47-49.
The Lord is searching for the youths who can make Him happy Like Daniel, Joseph, Esther and Ruth. Will you be that youth whom the Lord is searching for in a time like this?

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