Organize Yourself And Succeed.

National Youth Programme 2020, Day 1.

Third Speaker.


Text: Genesis 1:26-31; Proverbs 13:18; 12:11; 14:23.

Any youth who desire to be great in life must know that without personal or self organization, he or she cannot be successful in life. Success does not fall from heaven. It takes one’s effort and hard work to succeed in life. Without organization, our communities and companies cannot grow even the Almighty God applied the principle of organization in the course of creation when He said “let us make man in our image” {Genesis 1:26}. This is a proof that we cannot do away with the principle of organization if we truly wants to succeed in our career, business, studies and in our spiritual lives.

For better understanding of the message, we shall consider the following sub-titles.


Whoever doesn’t plan can never be an achiever. There have never been records of anyone that does things nonchalantly and succeeded. When you don’t plan on how to study your book so as to pass your exams, how can you achieve your dream? How can that business grow when you do not map out strategies on how to follow your customers? How can your spiritual life grow when you do not shun sin and avoid anything that can defile you? You don’t create time for prayer, bible study and evangelism. The reason why you have to organize yourself is because those who organized themselves in time past ended up being great potentials and personalities in life and even in our society today.

* Egypt as a country was able to overcome famine as a result of Joseph’s organized strategies {Genesis 41:28-38}.

* Jacob’s cattle outgrew that of his uncle Leban due to the strategies he applied {Genesis 30:27-43}

* Daniel and his counterpart became the best science student in the days of King Nebuchadnezzar.

They became the best because they applied the principle of discipline, determination and diligence in their career {Daniel 1:4-21}. All these people became successful because they were organized.


Having seen that without organization, success can never be achieved. Then, you have to apply the principle of organization in your pursuit.
Do away with things that may disorganize you no matter how dear they may be; these could be the home video, parties, games, friends, pleasure or whatever.

The benefit of organization is that success will be achieved. You will see yourself becoming that which you wish to be in life, a banker, an accountant, an engineer, a business tycoon and many more!

Finally, no matter how organized you are without Christ, you are bound to have crisis. So, in all your aspirations and achievement in life, have CHRIST, the hope of GLORY!!!
{John 3:3, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:13}.

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