YOU HAVE SLEPT ENOUGH.. By Pastor Joseph Opara

Youth International Programme 2020, 2nd Message.


Speaker. Pastor Joseph Opara

Text: Proverbs 6:10-11.

Sleep is a state of unconsciousness, dormancy, inactivity and unproductivity. It is a natural system designed by God to help man remain refreshed and re-energized for the tasks ahead but when sleep becomes excess, it becomes the mother of laziness, slothfulness and mental incapacitation which will definitely land an individual in lack and abject poverty.
By design, man was created to work. The Bible records that the Lord planted Adam in the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it (Genesis 2:15). This is proof that laziness, slothfulness and slumber are not part of God’s plan for His children. Any youth with a desire for groundbreaking success must know that true success has a price tag.
No extraordinary feat is achieved by mere desire or sheer luck. (Proverbs 21:25)

For proper insight into the message, we shall consider the following sub-headings:

    (PROV. 20:4; 2THESS. 3:10)

Some of the most talented, favored, well positioned and lavishly opportuned people end up falling short of their glorious destiny and full potential because of mental laziness and inactivity. Laziness and slumber are monstrous adversaries of destiny and any youth who wishes to become a true beacon of excellence in this age must be willing to fight these monsters. (Proverbs 19:15, Proverbs 24:30-34).

Laziness is often characterized by the following:

  1. Incessant love for sleep (Proverbs 19:15)
  2. Endless Excuses (Proverbs 22:13)
  3. Fruitless Fantasies (Proverbs 28:19)
  4. Empty words without corresponding action (Proverbs. 14:23)
  5. Wasteful attitude (Proverbs. 18:9)
  6. Indiscipline (Proverbs 26:14)
  7. Misplaced priorities.

Laziness breeds thorns and briers that chokes up a destiny no matter how glorious. Tomorrow is the year that appeals to a lazy man. Idleness is the dead sea that swallows all virtues
The dangers of laziness include the following:

  1. Limited foresight and oversight (Proverbs 6:6-8).
  2. Lack of creativity
  3. Spiritual barrenness (Proverbs 19:15)
  4. Vulnerability to attack
  5. Frustration
    (1 THESSALONIANS 5:6-7).

Having seen the dangers associated with slothfulness, it is important that we respond by taking prompt steps towards productivity. Have you been called, gifted, trained or skilled in a particular area? What steps are you taking to ensure that you’re closer to fulfillment each day? Awake from your slumber!

The 21st century is full of opportunities in industry, Sports, government, ministry, business and the academic sector. What skills are you acquiring to position yourself to remain relevant? You have slept enough! Every chosen youth should wake up and take over the world and all the sectors through excellence, diligence and creativity. The Lord is with us.

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