Salvation; The Pathway To Resourcefulness .. By Pastor Joshua Muoka


1st Speaker: Pastor Joshua Muoka

Topic : Salvation; The Pathway To Resourcefulness

Text : Mathew 6:33 ; John 14:6

In a rapidly evolving society characterized with technological advancement and massive digitalization , many youths have developed a desire for success . This has spurred them to take the noble journey towards resourcefulness and productivity . Just like every journey , it is important for every youth to have a fore knowledge of the right route or path so as to arrive at the desired destination , because embarking on a journey without a prior knowledge of the correct route will land such a youth in the wrong destination Pro . 14:12 .

For better understanding of the message , we shall consider the following sub – headings :

  1. THE PATHWAY TO RESOURCEFULNESS EXPLAINED: Proverbs 16:12 ; John14 : 6. It is highly commendable for a youth to be ambitious , creative , enthusiastic , clever and resourceful . Even our Lord Jesus Christ stated emphatically that every laborer is worthy of his wages Luke 10:17 .
    This shows that resourcefulness and increase are part of God’s plan and desire for every youth . However , in a quest to become industrious , ingenious or resourceful , many youth have taken the fast but disastrous route of sin . These youth neglect the divinely ordained route of salvation , holiness , purity and righteousness and are engaging in vices such as prostitution , gambling , and cybercrime for the singular purpose of meeting up with the ever rising demands of society .
    Such youth should be aware that they are deluded and are treading the wrong path that leads to disaster and destruction Pro . 16:15 .
    The only pathway to true creativity , wisdom , ability and resourcefulness is the way of salvation through Jesus Christ . He is the embodiment of wisdom and truth and no one can amount to anything in the kingdom or receive anything from God without first seeking God’s righteousness through Jesus Matt 6:33 ; Isa . 35:8-10 ; Matt 11:28 .
  2. OUR EXPECTED RESPONSE AND THE BENEFIT. (John 15:5-6) It is clear that the pathway to resourcefulness is salvation through Jesus . The question now is , are you saved ? Is your name written in the Lamb’s book of life ? Are you washed in the blood of the lamb ? Are you on the pathway which although is narrow , leads to life and peace ?
    Matt 7:13-14 .
    Every youth present here should respond to this message by surrendering totally to Jesus Christ and forsaking all sinful lifestyles . Refuse to walk on the path of folly and destruction . Refuse the traps and seductions that come on the way . Shun the quest for vain influence , attention , riches . and relevance at the expense of your soul
    (Mark 8:36).
    Choose to walk with the Lord. Your journey into generational impact begins there.

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