God of chosen can be anything ,but tardy. He is never late; and when you least expect him to show up, he comes through and perform a miracle.

The case of Mr Larry Wickline who lives in Oklahoma, is a perfect example of this truth.

He was on his way to work, when he impinged on a terrifying tornado.

Texas, Louisiana, South Dakota,Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma are amongst the states that makes up tornado alleys. These States are called tornado alleys because tornadoes is more frequent there, so researchers named them tornado alleys.

The tornado was so severe that it rained hail-stones and snow. The wind was also much and this made it difficult for Mr Larry to get a clear view while driving. Because of the wind,many cars had parked in front of him and some were parked at the road side ,but Larry was unaware, and he kept driving.

Minutes later, he was trying to hold his brake when his car skidded off the road, somersaulted and hit a pavement and had Larry trapped. According to him, while the car was somersaulting, an unseen hand enwrapped him and saved him,but he never knew how it managed to happen.

Larry tried to come out but he couldn’t ,because the car was already compressed and squashed.

While he was in there thinking out to get out, the highway patrol sheriffs came and tried to get him out, but couldn’t. They saw traces of blood on the floor and also in his car and then deduced he had unstaunched wounds. Hurriedly, they broke open the windshield and brought Larry out, only to find out he had no scratch on his body, neither did he had any cut in his body.

The amazed and bewildered sheriffs took him to the hospital to be examined, and when they did, the result showed that Larry was sound and fine.

When he got home, he had a retrospection and then remembered a chosen brother-cum friend had given him some anointed handkerchiefs, blessed by our general pastor, in one of the chosen crusades. He gave them to Larry to use whenever he faces danger and Larry passively obeyed.

Miraculously, that same handkerchief saved him and he decided to follow our brother (Tony Ogugua) to Nigeria to share his testimony with the chosen brethren, and also declare himself a chosen.

God of chosen is indeed a wonder working God.

Watch the full Testimony via Chosen Testimony Channel:

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew Lagos Nigeria.

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