Sunday Message: Disappointing Our Critics By Our Lifestyle


Text: 1st Samuel 12 :1- 5, Matthew 5: 13- 16, John 18: 36, 19:36


We should understand, as the ministry is growing, critics is multiplying. Growth makes for envy, trials, persecution; it multiplies critics.

It could be from the market , house, unbelievers , between father and son ,between chosen members. Critics must surely come. Be watchful! It can be intentional. They may set a trap for you to fall & disapprove you that you’re not a child of God. The only way to overcome is by being armed, by having this knowledge & being godly . Ensure meekness, holiness, righteousness.


  1. THE LIFESTYLE THAT BEFITS REAL CHRISTIANS. Once we have become born again , it is expected of us to part ways with unrighteousness ( 2 Corinthians 5:7, 2 Corinthians 13:17, Colossians 3:8-10).

As new creatures, our life must shine in righteousness, without an iota of unrighteousness (1 John 5:18-19 , 1st John 3:9).

Our life will shine as light once we have received the spirit of God (John 1:1-5).
The light we have received is powerful light, which is Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must live our lives in the newness of light if you are born again. You must have fear of
God, serve God with all your heart
( John 8:12, Galatians 5:22-23).

Keep to the law of God, come to church on time, keep to God’s promises & Covenant , you must be faithful, avoid missing service, we must be faithful in dealing with others, maintain purity inside & outside.
(1st Timothy 5:22, 1st Timothy 6:6, 11-12, Colossians 3:16-25).

So, what ever we do , let us do it with all our heart, do it as unto God, not unto man.

They may do what ever they may do , but they will be put to shame when they discover you are living your life according to the ways of God (1st Thessalonians 5:12-23).

If you want to keep to righteousness, don’t go into murmuring & complaining, keep to the standard of God, keep to purity, in order to disapprove your critics.

Remember, that people outside watches our life every day. Our life style is like a Bible they are reading. let people find no fault in you.

As we go on to live a practical christian life, our critics will be ashamed & amend their ways ( Matthew 5:13, Isaiah 60:1).


As we said in the introduction , our life must shine in light as a new creature that we are
( John 1:12, 2nd Corinthians 5:17 ).

Many are waiting to see Christ in us; the evidence of change in our lifestyle. They will test us by criticizing us, persecuting us etc.
Don’t live your life any how, believers, unbelievers, hypocrites are watching.
(2nd Timothy 2:19, John 1-5).

Please, disapprove their critics by your lifestyle, so that your critics will surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.
(Titus 3:8).

For Sinners and Backsliders, confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Saviour (Romans 3:23, 1 John 3: 8 & 9, 1 John 5: 17a,Isaiah 59: 1).

Sin is dangerous. It is destructive and yet almost the whole world has gone into sin.
Unbelief is sin. Selfishness is sin; Covetousness is sin, Insincerity is sin; backbiting, murmuring, speaking evil of others, these are terrible sin.
Going to native doctors, stealing from Government, stealing from companies and individuals, that is sin.

If you are among those people that are involved in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion; that is terrible wickedness.

Fighting and quarreling, smoking and drunkenness; all these are evil. Ask for the mercy of God.

Are you into polygamous marriage or you have sent away your wife or you moved away from your husband? that is sin.

Are you a woman dressing like a man or a man dressing like a woman, all that is sin.
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

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