Boy Born As A Monster, With Tail And Animal Face, Gets Recreated By God.


When you see chosen members doing the Irish dance in publicities , do not think they have gone coo coo , or are feeling 730; it is because of testimonies like this that makes them dance like they do.

This innocent young lad’s entrance to earth came with an immediate social death , that didn’t only ruin his infancy, but also gave him unpleasant memories.

Before he was born into the family of Mr Chikezie in 2004, his mother started having incessant contractions and when she got to the hospital, scans reported that there’ll be a curveball , unknown to her that a curse has been placed on the family that no male child will see the light of day . In year 2005, She then discovered again that the baby was no longer moving in her womb, and then rushed to the hospital, only to hear another heartbreaking news that CS was the only option, if she’ll ever give birth.

One thing was sure, our sister had a stubborn faith. Other women would have trembled , but because she knew her God, she wasn’t! She refused all reports of the hospital and stuck to the report of God which he had spoken through the mouth of our pastor, that the baby will not die.

Because God wanted to confound the wise with foolish things, he brought this boy into the world against all odds. A boy who the hospital and twenty nine doctors had confirmed dead on arrival, came back to life just as our sister mentioned his name(God’sgift), which was revealed to her through a revelation from another chosen sister.

The enemy saw that they couldn’t stop his birth, they through black powers changed the child to a quasi-human. Three days after he was born , he started to poo from his mouth and while our sister was going for fruitless scans, the baby’s condition deteriorated . He developed a tail and his face gradually and shockingly changed to that of an animal. He became dried, thin and when operated, doctors found out his intestine was interwoven.

They were boycotted and treated as social pariah by friends and family, apart from the chosen brethren who stood by her and locked hands with her by faith and prayers.

Many a times the boy’s father tried to bury him alive that he was no human and not worthy to be called one, many a times our sister disrupted and fought for the child’s life.

While tongues continued to wag, God of chosen was gathering clay for recreation. The enemies didn’t understand that when a pottery is tampered with, the potter is well able to fashion a better one.

One day as our sister was in service, our pastor mention the case of her child, that “if he’s serving a living God, that child that was changed to animal shall return to normal and the arrow will go back to sender.” When our sister got home, she saw that the tail was no more there , and the face of her child had changed. That was how God of chosen, the miracle working God recreated the child and you can see him from the video looking sound and healthy.

Till this very day, people still stare at this child in unbelief. It is one story that people wish they’d wake up one day and hear that it’s a folklore, but it isn’t. It’s as real as the existence of God of chosen.

You can see the young lad praising and appreciating God with a dam of tears dropping down his eyes, as his mother joins him on the podium.

God of chosen, take all the glory.

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew Lagos.

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  1. Thanks be to the God of Chosen and his sufficient grace upon my Daddy God. O and mummy in the Lord, who uses them for all this miracles. To His name alone be all glorified and praised forever more. Amen.

  2. Thanks be to God almighty who has done this, and I thank God for his servant who has made his self available for God to use for this miracle

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