God of chosen is the only God we know, that can create a passage and an exit out of a dead end. He has done it before for many, and yet again, he has proved to the world that “ with him, nothing shall be impossible.”

In the year 2013, Brother Victor Okechukwu, an indigene of Okigwe local government, Imo state was wrongfully accused of murder and was arrested . He was remanded in kirikiri prison till 2016 before he was finally sentenced to death by hanging.

According to him, all evidence pointed at him, even though he was innocent, which gave him not even a ghost of a chance of being free.

Hearing the court judgment, he called his elder bro for feeding assistance and his elder bro knocked back and ‘hung him out to dry.’ He also called his parents and they couldn’t do nothing, as the case was beyond them.

Desperate to leave jail and be free, Victor reached out to his herbalist who compelled him to send money to buy a Ram for sacrifice, that when that Ram is buried, his case will be buried and he’ll be released. He did so, but the herbalist couldn’t help him.

On a certain day, prison evangelists from the Lord’s Chosen visited to preach to the inmates. A certain female evangelist was ministering to some inmates and told them to depend on the God of Chosen as He can change every impossible situation. This statement drew our brother closer to the gathering of the inmates to listen! He told the lady about his predicament and the lady encouraged him, telling him the God of chosen will settle his case.

Our sister asked him his offense and he told her what brought him , reiterating that he was innocent. Believing his innocence, our sister then decided to stand in the gap for Victor, through prayers . Many times , she spoke to God on his behalf and made mention of Victor each time she prayed to God, both at home and in crusades. Then God stepped in!

Just when prayers started to rent the heavens on Victor’s stead, the dcp then called them and urged them to be prayerful, that the state governor will be visiting the penitentiary to grant pardons.

According to constitution, only the president and state governor has the power to grant pardons, but a governor’s pardon is limited; which means they can’t give freedom to a person whose offense is against the federal government, but can give a pardon to state offenses.

When the erstwhile governor of Lagos state visited, he granted Victor pardon and changed his judgment from “ death to lifer.” What this means is that he can then stay in jail for the rest of his life and no longer be hung, as declared by the judge.

This gave Victor hope and doubled his faith, as he kept on believing. Fast forward to January , 2020, the present governor of Lagos state also visited the prison to grant pardons and Victor was also lucky to be among the beneficiaries. His case was then changed from “life imprisonment, to awaiting trial.”

He shared the news with our chosen sister who then told him to keep calm, that God of chosen will not rest till his freedom is announced.

While he was awaiting trial, the pandemic happened and slowed things down. Courts were closed and stopped from operation till the lockdown was lifted . When courts reopened, the dcp sent a message to the inmates, that a presidential pardon has been granted to all prisoners that has spent up to 7 years in jail. That was how Victor was released and set free. When the names were called, Victor’s name was the first to be mentioned for freedom.

While examining the inmates, the chief Judge called on him and asked what he had achieved all these years in prison, and Victor replied that he had achieved salvation, obtained reading and writing skills and also written a song as well as books.

Hearing this, the judge shook his head, impressed ,as he finally discharged and acquitted Victor.

Of a truth, only God can do this.

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew Lagos Nigeria.

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