NOVEMBER 7, 2020


MINISTERING: General Overseer

Exodus 10: 7-9; Isaiah 45: 23; Psalm 66: 3;

Many enemies abound whose work is to kill, steal and destroy.

John 10:10a

The work of the devil, his agents and all his fallen Angels is to steal, kill and destroy.

Our enemies can be any of the above. As long as they are not Born-again, they can be possessed by the devil and use to do his evil works.

All I want you to understand is this, if anyone is living in sin, such a person is controlled by the devil.

John 8: 45;

I want you to understand that the devil can use anybody who is not a child of God. He can use fallen angels.

Revelations 12: 7; Ezekiel 28: 14 & 15

All their works from the beginning of the world is to oppose God.

When he was cast down here, he has been fighting the people of God and losing the battle.

I do not know what the devil has done in your life. I want to assure you today and tomorrow, he will submit again.


Everyone should know that we have enemies. The devil is our chief enemy and also his evil angels.

1 Peter 5: 8

Devil is our enemy. Devil is our adversary. He is angry. No matter what he has done in your life, no matter what the devil has stolen, I am assuring you today, tomorrow, he must submit.

Ephesians 6: 12

There is a fight going on. Nobody should claim ignorance of this fight.

Any person with witchcraft spirit has the spirit of the devil and is our enemy.

We are not going to kill them because they are still carrying human body. However, we are going to deal with the spirit.

Witchcraft Agent, whether your father or mother, he does not know you.

In this place today, tomorrow,  God will locate the enemy troubling you.

If they refuse to submit, there will be trouble. They will not survive it.

You see you, I thank God you are here. After this programme, your situation will change.

All these enemies I mentioned whether human beings or evil Spirits,  they are our enemies.

They do not have any good thing for us.

I do  not know their activities in your life. Do you know the devil does not want any good thing in our lives?

1 John 5: 18

When you keep to righteousness, the devil cannot stand you.

Whatever the devil is doing to a child of God is to make you to sin.

His work is to make you to sin, to afflict you, to torment you.

Whatsoever they are doing in your life, as long as you are here today, you will have victory.

Ephesians 4: 27

No wonder we are told not to give any room to the devil.

I do not know what you are going through.

Once you have sinned the devil has a Legal right, to attack you and torment you.

I want to let you know that whenever you give the devil chance, he will bring multiple problems upon you.

From today, our enemies must submit.

If you can see power walking with hands and feet, that is God.

Psalm 62: 11

God owns the power. As a result, devil and demons cannot stand him.

Psalm 66: 3

Through the greatness of God’s power, your enemies must submit. I want to let you know as many of you that are sitting here, your enemies have already submitted.

Genesis 17: 1

When God steps into your situation,  you will prove that he is the Almighty.

As many of you that are in this programme, what I say concerning you shall come to pass.

I want to let you Know, there is nothing God has not done here.

You see you, all of you that are here. Your problem that brought you here, will not survive here.

Many animals (devil & demons) have been slain in this place.

You see you, God who brought you here, he will deliver you.

You can never seek God in vain in this place.

Colossians 1: 16; Revelations 4: 11

God created all things and by him all things consist.

Devil was created for the pleasure of God. God allows the devil to act in order to show to the world the power of God.

You see you, I don’t know what the devil may have done. What I know is that any plant not planted by God in your life and family shall be rooted up.

All I want to let you know is that all your enemies must submit. The Lord will deal with your enemies to submission.

Luke 14: 17

As you have honoured this invitation, God will give you all things.

Isaiah 43: 10-13; Joel 2:

You see you, as many of you that have stepped into this place, you have crossed over. Even in your dreams and physical, my word shall be proved in your lives.


Whenever the enemy submits he must surrender all the goods in his possession. When a Nation goes to war and conquers, everything in the conquered nation will be possessed by the Victorious Nation. As your enemy submits today, you will possess their possesions.

Any promise of God, your eyes covers, belongs to you.

All that the enemy has stolen from you since Adam, they must submit all to you.

Psalm 68: 30

As the Lord deals with your enemy, all the silver and gold they have taken from you, they must surrender.

Whatever the enemy has been holding which they collected from you, they must surrender all they have taken.

1 Samuel 30: 18

Whatever the enemy has taken from your family from you, over the years, they must surrender all of them.

I want to let you know all that belongs to you, you will take it and recover all.

2 Chronicles 20: 25

Every thing that the enemy has taken away, that glory that honour, it must come back to you.

All the rest of your years, you shall use them to gather the spoil.

You see you, you will be a blessing to your family.

The Angels that are here are much more than all the human beings present here.

Get ready to recover all. Position yourself to take over.

You know what the Bible says, when God decided to bring his people out of Egypt,  God displaced Seven heathen Nations and the Israelites possessed their lands.

Psalm 2: 8

You see you, claim all that you need. If somebody refuses to serve God, what is he seating there to do?

My friend claim all that you need.

God will give you victory.

Matthew 7: 7

Rise up and pray.

Open your mouth, exercise your authority, exercise your dominion.  Ask from the LORD. The LORD will give it to you.

Father glorify your name.

Father glorify your name.

Father glorify your Son.

Let Jesus be glorified.

Let God be glorified.

Everybody pray.


  1. Oh , my God ,am much blessed with the teachings of our Daddy may God continue to nourish him from above, his strength and wisdom. Amen.

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