Brother Obieze Madukwe mounted the testimony podium to appreciate God for rolling away diverse sicknesses from his family.

It began with his wife who fell ill during the lockdown period. As the illness progressed, she began to experience loss of memory and couldn’t speak quite well.
Our brother resorted to praying about the wife’s condition and his prayers received answers.

She received divine healing and the loss of memory rolled away.
Shortly after the wife’s experience, his daughter, sis Nkechinyere began stooling and vomiting. Initially ,it was thought to be a light matter until the frequency of the stooling increased significantly.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was admitted and given drips ( intravenous fluid) that was about 15 in number, and then admitted at Fesock hospital, Ijesha for about three days.

At some point, she had lost so much fluid and had no more strength and literally gave up right in the presence of her father. He began to pray and call upon God to restore her back to life while the doctors and nurses watched helplessly. God hearkened to his prayer and brought the daughter back to life.

Thirdly, he testified on behalf of his daughter who resides and works in Texas, United States.

She works as a nurse in a hospital in Texas even during the peak of Covid-19 period. Our brother kept tabs on her from time to time and on one of occasion he called her, she said there has been a case of Corona virus right in the hospital where she worked.

According to her, she had treated a Covid-19 patient, and some workers in the hospital were suspected to have contracted the virus.
Over 200 people in the hospital had undergone the test to ascertain their position.

When the results came out, some of them had contracted the virus, but our sister was spared.

She came out unscathed and free from that deadly virus.

Photo Credit: Chosen online Media Crew Lagos Nigeria.

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