2020 Mgbidi Conference: Prevailing Prayers Against Covid-19

2020 Mgbidi Conference: Prevailing Prayers Against Covid-19


Amidst the yearly Programs of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries Worldwide is their annual  conference always tagged “Mgbidi Workers and Leaders Meeting”; a program where God always shows in his nature to do wonders and unite the Shepard of his vineyards.

2020 Mgbidi Workers Conference was never graded low in capacity and in attendance as God used his servant, Pastor Lazarus Muoka in a superfluous way having been his first appearance to speak to a larger population of his workers in a conference after the deadly pandemic struck so hard on the world and its inhabitants leaving all worship centres temporarily and compulsorily locked up by laws necessitated in the fight against the pandemic.

At Mgbidi 2020 Workers meeting, God’s presence overshadowed the arena and his power moved within the Pastors and leaders in attendance while many felt the program never closed or it is being extended more than the slated days.

You know what? Many were thinking it’s a normal Chosen Crusade but only few knew it was slated for only the Shepard in God’s vineyard but the memories of the program will never be overemphasized.

Though the conference had been counted off this year due to the global tension occasioned by the Covid-19 Pandemic, but God who’s the author of every circumstances still made names for himself in his usual way and his children was happy for appearing in his face again.

Several spiritual messages were shared through sermon by the General Overseer -Pst Lazarus Muoka which includes; when enemy is approaching, move forward; the third world war; the Lord’s Chosen is our House; Chosen, a house of God, Taking The Kingdom By Force e.t.c.

These messages followed a prevailing prayers against Covid-19 as the theme of the year’s conference.

God in his infinite mercies just as his usuals demonstrated his powers through the General Overseer who stated categorically that there is nothing under and beneath the earth that’s not approved by God and that he’s not having knowledge of, and advised all to take whatever challenges coming their way with faith and seek God’s direction and intervention.

The program was really a one worth remembering as saints were made, leaders were impacted in, and God came down and rained blessings and grace to the participants amidst fear of the deadly pandemic.

The attendants were also charged to go back home, pursue and recover all the souls no more with Christ for the fulfilment of the Ten billion souls and the mandate of the Church.

In our usual jubilation way, the participants were seen displaying different acrobatic signs in worship and praises to the name who’s bigger than whatever pandemic that has struck the world and scientists. It was a celebration of the feast of how God has kept his own alive even when many were no where to be found, but God kept his chosen seed for greater assignments which is believed to be performed after this year’s conference.

Those who graced the event will have a better story to tell.
In all, we return all glories and adorations to him who has the final say for ensuring this year’s conference was successful and impactful.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.


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