Hearing the cry of a new born baby is the joy of every married couple: but that has not been the case of bro Ihebunike Kelvin.

In 1994, they got married and since then they’ve been believing God for the fruit of the womb. They have visited several churches, hospitals and has been prayed for by several clerics, but the situation persists. They have been ridiculed many times ,secretly and openly, by friends and family, but still didn’t give up on God.

On a faithful day , sometime in 2009, while they were still worshipping in their former church,a man on suit appeared to him in the dream and said to him “We shall meet in Imo state”,our brother said he became perplexed because, first, he didn’t know the man, and secondly he didn’t know how to meet him ,neither does he have any good reason to meet him.

So one day, he met with a pastor friend who was not even a member of the Lord’s Chosen Church and he explained the dream to him. Surprisingly, the pastor told him the dream meant that they will meet at Mgbidi crusade of the Lord’s chosen church.

On hearing this, he became fulfilled in his heart even though he was not a chosen. Then he immediately located a branch of the Lord’s chosen church and started worshipping there.

After hearing the undiluted word of God and testimonies in a form he’s never heard it before, him and his wife then decided finally to pitch their tent in the Lord’s Chosen Church.

Our General Pastor used to say “continuation brings Freedom” , and this was the exact formula that bro Kelvin and his wife applied before the jinx was broken.

On November 2018, our state pastor visited his house and prayed for them and declared that God will visit them and bless them soon. It didn’t take long, our sister conceived as was declared by the pastor ,and today God has honored the declarations of his servant upon them with a bouncing baby girl after 26 years of barreness.

They therefore climbed the testimony podium with joy unspeakable to reverence this God of Chosen who has wiped away their sorrows and turned them into joy.

They prayed heaven at last to all the chosen ones.

Chosen praise the Lord,Hallelujah!

Jesus Christ is Lord

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