Bro Nathan Chinagorom is thanking God for making him a Chosen. He said on the 11th August (Tuesday) He was driving home from work. His vehicle had developed some fault but he had to manage it to get home (for it was a little late). When he got to Aba road he met go-slow, on reaching in front of Master Energy Filing Station, the vehicle started malfunctioning. Some policemen who were trying to clear the road approached him and asked “why are you blocking the road? He told them “I am not blocking the road, my vehicle is not that OK”.

The police man ordered him to remove the vehicle from the road while trying to beat him. He put the vehicle on reverse and unknown to him he hit one of the police officers standing at the back. The police man furiously stood up, rushed to him and shot at him. Thinking that he has killed some, he started shivering and out of fear fled the scene. People around thought him to be dead but miraculously the bullet deflected and slidded to the ground. the car was scratched but nothing happened to him. Only God Can Do This…

This testimony is another confirmation of the covenant that God has with the Chosen brethren all over the world that “No member of The Lord’s Chosen will die a day before their time”… Recalling how God has previously intervened into an evil forest where bro Nathan was kidnapped by ritualists who wanted to slaughter him and use his body parts for rituals, but God manifested Himself and he was released, leaving the chief priest begging our brother to please forgive them… Another incident when a robbery operation was going on, as the armed robbers were searching and collecting the money and valuables of everyone at the fuel station, he wanted to sneak away but one of the armed robbers pointed at him saying “Chosen! Don’t go anywhere, we have already seen you, we are not here for you”… Brother Nathan confirmed that he was in possession of five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000) that very day but at the end of the robbery, he was not touched neither was his valuables.

Brother Nathan is here to return all the glory to God who has always been there to defend him and not allowing the enemy to terminate him before his time, may His name be praised forever.
Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State

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